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Aspire M5

10GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:

M5-481PT, M5-481PT-6488, M5-481PT-6644, M5-481PT-6666, M5-481PT-6819 Acer M5-481T, M5-481T-6448, M5-481T-6610, M5-481T-6642, M5-481T-6670, M5-481T-6694, M5-481T-6820, M5-481T-6831, M5-481TG, M5-481TG-6814, M5-481TG-6888, M5-581T, M5-581T-6024, M5-581TG, M5-581TG-9825, M5-582PT, M5-582PT-6852, M5-583P, M5-583P-5859, M5-583P-6428, M5-583P-6637, M5-583P-9688

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