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Late 2019 - Mac Pro7,1 (12-core)

Compatible upgrade for:
MacPro7,1 - A1991 - EMC - 3203  12-Core 3.3GHz  2019
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Standard RAM:   32GB    
Maximum RAM:  1.0TB*  
RAM Slots: 12  

*By default, the Mac Pro (2019) ships with 32 GB of RAM (four 8 GB DIMMs). Other options for this Mac Pro "12-Core" 3.3 (2019) configuration include 48 GB (six 8 GB DIMMs) for an extra US$300, 96 GB (six 16 GB DIMMs) for an extra US$1000, 192 GB (six 32 GB DIMMs) for an extra US$3000, 384 GB (six 64 GB DIMMs) for an extra US$6000, or 768 GB (six 128 GB DIMMs or twelve 64 GB DIMMs) for an extra US$14,000 or US$10,000, respectively.

**As first determined by 3rd parties, the 8-Core Mac Pro (2019) actually supports up to 1 TB of RAM using eight 128 GB DIMMs.




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