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Aspire ES1

8GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:


ES1-111M, ES1-111M-C0FQ, ES1-111M-C3KJ, ES1-111M-C40S, ES1-111M-C7DE, ES1-311, ES1-411, ES1-411-C1P2, ES1-511, ES1-511-C0DV, ES1-511-C0M4, ES1-511-C590, ES1-511-C59V, ES1-511-C665, ES1-511-C7YP, ES1-511-P1T9, ES1-512, ES1-512-C12D, ES1-512-C323, ES1-512-C88M, ES1-512-P9GT, ES1-711, ES1-711-P1UV

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