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16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq CQ1115ME, Compaq CQ2013, Compaq CQ2700EC, Compaq CQ2700ED, Compaq CQ2700EE, Compaq CQ2700EG, Compaq CQ2700EK, Compaq CQ2700EO, Compaq CQ2700ER, Compaq CQ2700ES, Compaq CQ2700EU, Compaq CQ2700EV, Compaq CQ2701, Compaq CQ2701ED, Compaq CQ2701EG, Compaq CQ2701EP, Compaq CQ2701ES, Compaq CQ2702ED, Compaq CQ2702ES, Compaq CQ2703EG, Compaq CQ2703EL, Compaq CQ2703ER, Compaq CQ2703ES, Compaq CQ2704ER, Compaq CQ2704ES, Compaq CQ2705EL, Compaq CQ2705ES, Compaq CQ2710EF, Compaq CQ2710EO, Compaq CQ2710EZ, Compaq CQ2715EA, Compaq CQ2720EB, Compaq CQ2720EF, Compaq CQ2722LA, Compaq CQ2728LA, Compaq CQ2729EO, Compaq CQ2730EO, Compaq CQ2732LA, Compaq CQ2740EA, Compaq CQ2750EF, Compaq CQ2760EA, Compaq CQ2800EF, Compaq CQ2804ES, Compaq CQ2815EA, Compaq CQ2850EF, Compaq CQ2850EO, Compaq CQ2870EA, Compaq CQ2901LA, Compaq CQ2905EO, Compaq CQ2905EV, Compaq CQ2906EF, Compaq CQ2907EF, Compaq CQ2909EO, Compaq CQ2909ES, Compaq CQ2911EF, Compaq CQ2924EA, Compaq CQ2925EA, Compaq CQ2926EA, Compaq CQ2930EA, Compaq CQ2931EA, Compaq CQ2932EA, Compaq CQ2934EA, Compaq CQ2935EF, Compaq CQ2940EA, Compaq CQ2951EC, Compaq CQ2952EL, Compaq CQ2960EA, Compaq CQ2962ES, Compaq CQ2965ES, Compaq CQ2990EA

32GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq CQ1000DE, Compaq CQ1000it, Compaq CQ1000IX, Compaq CQ1000PT, Compaq CQ1002DE, Compaq CQ1010LA, Compaq CQ1010SC, Compaq CQ1015LA, Compaq CQ1020UK, Compaq CQ1030ES, Compaq CQ1030L, Compaq CQ1030UK, Compaq CQ1040AN, Compaq CQ1040SC, Compaq CQ1040UK, Compaq CQ1050AN, Compaq CQ1050FR, Compaq CQ1050SC, Compaq CQ1058HK, Compaq CQ1100BE, Compaq CQ1100CS, Compaq CQ1100ES, Compaq CQ1100PT, Compaq CQ1101NL, Compaq CQ1102DE, Compaq CQ1110IX, Compaq CQ1110LA, Compaq CQ1110SC, Compaq CQ1110UK, Compaq CQ1115LA, Compaq CQ1120FR, Compaq CQ1120UK, Compaq CQ1130ES, Compaq CQ1130FR, Compaq CQ1130L, Compaq CQ1130UK, Compaq CQ1131ES, Compaq CQ1132ES, Compaq CQ1140FR, Compaq CQ1140SC, Compaq CQ1140UK, Compaq CQ1150AN, Compaq CQ1150FR, Compaq CQ1151AN, Compaq CQ1160FR, Compaq CQ1208HK, Compaq CQ1210IX, Compaq CQ1251AN, Compaq CQ1258HK, Compaq CQ1260AN, Compaq CQ1270L, Compaq CQ2010, Compaq CQ2014, Compaq CQ2024, Compaq CQ2025, Compaq CQ2713w, Compaq CQ2723w, Compaq CQ2900ES, Compaq CQ2901EO

4GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq SG3-310ME, Compaq SG3-310PT, Compaq SG3-312FR, Compaq SG3-315FR, Compaq SG3-320FR, Compaq SG3-320NL, Compaq SG3-321SC, Compaq SG3-325FR, Compaq SG3-330DE, Compaq SG3-331IT, Compaq SG3-335FR, Compaq SG3-340DE, Compaq SG3-341ES, Compaq SG3-341IT, Compaq SG3-341SC, Compaq SG3-345FR, Compaq SG3-345NL, Compaq SG3-346ES, Compaq SG3-350CH, Compaq SG3-350DE, Compaq SG3-351IT, Compaq SG3-351SC

4GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq SG3-310FR

8Gb kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq SG3-350FR

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Compaq CQ2902EF, Compaq CQ2902EG, Compaq CQ2904EF, Compaq CQ2910EF, Compaq CQ2959EL, Compaq SG3-110DE, Compaq SG3-110ES, Compaq SG3-110FR, Compaq SG3-110NL, Compaq SG3-110PT, Compaq SG3-110SC, Compaq SG3-110UK, Compaq SG3-120ES, Compaq SG3-120SC, Compaq SG3-120UK, Compaq SG3-130DE, Compaq SG3-130ES, Compaq SG3-130FR, Compaq SG3-130IT, Compaq SG3-130PT, Compaq SG3-130SC, Compaq SG3-130UK, Compaq SG3-140CH, Compaq SG3-140DE, Compaq SG3-140ES, Compaq SG3-140IT, Compaq SG3-140SC, Compaq SG3-140UK, Compaq SG3-150DE, Compaq SG3-150ES, Compaq SG3-150SC, Compaq SG3-150UK, Compaq SG3-205RU, Compaq SG3-210DE, Compaq SG3-210ES, Compaq SG3-210FR, Compaq SG3-210NL, Compaq SG3-210SC, Compaq SG3-210UK, Compaq SG3-215FR-M, Compaq SG3-220DE, Compaq SG3-220FR, Compaq SG3-220IT, Compaq SG3-220SC, Compaq SG3-220UK, Compaq SG3-230DE, Compaq SG3-230ES, Compaq SG3-230FR, Compaq SG3-230IT, Compaq SG3-230NL, Compaq SG3-230PT, Compaq SG3-230SC, Compaq SG3-230UK, Compaq SG3-240ES, Compaq SG3-240FR, Compaq SG3-240IT, Compaq SG3-240SC, Compaq SG3-250CH, Compaq SG3-250ES, Compaq SG3-250FR, Compaq SG3-250RU, Compaq SG3-250SC, Compaq SG3-250UK, Compaq SG3-260ES, Compaq SG3-260FR, Compaq SG3-311ES, Compaq SG3-311SC,Compaq SG3-320UK, Compaq SG3-328FR, Compaq SG3-330ES, Compaq SG3-330FR, Compaq SG3-330UK, Compaq SG3-331SC, Compaq SG3-350ES, Compaq SG3-350UK, Compaq SG3-351ES, Compaq SG3-360FR, Compaq SG3-370FR

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