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Envy 17 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

ENVY 17 (4th Gen Intel Core), ENVY 17 (5th Gen Intel Core), Envy 17-1008tx, ENVY 17-1010eg, ENVY 17-1111tx, ENVY 17-1150eg, ENVY 17-1190eg, ENVY 17-1199la, ENVY 17-2000eg, ENVY 17-2001eg, ENVY 17-2001tx, ENVY 17-2006tx, ENVY 17-2090la, ENVY 17-2101tx, ENVY 17-2108tx, ENVY 17-2109tx, ENVY 17-2110eg, Envy 17-2195ca 3D Edition, Envy 17-2280nr, Envy 17-2290nr 3D Edition, Envy 17-3090NR, Envy 17-3095BR, Envy 17-3095CA, Envy 17-3095LA, ENVY 17-3200eb, ENVY 17-3200ed, ENVY 17-3200eo, ENVY 17-3200er, ENVY 17-3210eo, ENVY 17-3210er, Envy 17-3270nr, Envy 17-3277nr, ENVY 17-3290el, Envy 17-3290nr 3D, Envy 17-3xxx (Intel DDR3 Series), ENVY 17-j000, ENVY 17-j000eb, ENVY 17-j000eo, ENVY 17-j000er, ENVY 17-j000so, ENVY 17-j001eb, ENVY 17-j001eo, ENVY 17-j001er, ENVY 17-j001sg, ENVY 17-j002eo, ENVY 17-j002er, ENVY 17-j002tx, ENVY 17-j003ea, ENVY 17-j003eo, ENVY 17-j003sa, ENVY 17-j003sg, ENVY 17-j003tx, ENVY 17-j004eg, ENVY 17-j004er, ENVY 17-j004sr, ENVY 17-j005eg, ENVY 17-j005eo, ENVY 17-j006ea, ENVY 17-j006ed, ENVY 17-j006er, ENVY 17-j006sr, ENVY 17-j007eo, ENVY 17-j007er, ENVY 17-j008eo, ENVY 17-j009el, ENVY 17-j009tx, ENVY 17-j010el, ENVY 17-j010eo, ENVY 17-j010ep, ENVY 17-j010us, ENVY 17-j011nr, ENVY 17-j011sg, ENVY 17-j011sr, ENVY 17-j012sr, ENVY 17-j013cl, ENVY 17-j014eg, ENVY 17-j014sr, ENVY 17-j015eo, ENVY 17-j015sr, ENVY 17-j016eg, ENVY 17-j016sg, ENVY 17-j016sr, ENVY 17-j017sg, ENVY 17-j017sr, ENVY 17-j018sg, ENVY 17-j018sr, ENVY 17-j019sr, ENVY 17-j020eg, ENVY 17-j020ss, ENVY 17-j020us, ENVY 17-j021nr, ENVY 17-j021sr, ENVY 17-j021ss, ENVY 17-j022sr, ENVY 17-j025er, ENVY 17-j025sr, ENVY 17-j027cl, ENVY 17-j029nr, ENVY 17-j033eo, ENVY 17-j034ca, ENVY 17-j040ec, ENVY 17-j040us, ENVY 17-j044ca, ENVY 17-j050us Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j051ei, ENVY 17-j053ea, ENVY 17-j057cl Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j060ef, ENVY 17-j060sf, ENVY 17-j060us Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j070ca, ENVY 17-j070ez, ENVY 17-j071sf, ENVY 17-j072sf, ENVY 17-j073ca, ENVY 17-j073sf, ENVY 17-j075ez, ENVY 17-j075sz, ENVY 17-j076ef, ENVY 17-j076ez, ENVY 17-j077ez, ENVY 17-j082eg, ENVY 17-j082sf, ENVY 17-j083ca, ENVY 17-j085sg, ENVY 17-j088sf, ENVY 17-j089sg, ENVY 17-j091ez, ENVY 17-j092nr, ENVY 17-j093sb, ENVY 17-j099ef, ENVY 17-j099nr, ENVY 17-j100er Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j100es Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j100ew Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j100ni, ENVY 17-j100sp Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j100sr Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j101ea, ENVY 17-j101ex Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j101sa, ENVY 17-j101sr Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j101tx Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j102ea, ENVY 17-j102sr Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j104ef Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j105tx Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j106tx Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j110ea Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j111en Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j113sr Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j115cl, ENVY 17-j115eg, ENVY 17-j115tx, ENVY 17-j116ex Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j120ed Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j120et Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j120na, ENVY 17-j120us, ENVY 17-j130ea, ENVY 17-j133eg, ENVY 17-j134eo Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j140na, ENVY 17-j141na, ENVY 17-j145ng, ENVY 17-j150ca, ENVY 17-j150la, ENVY 17-j150nr, ENVY 17-j151ei, ENVY 17-j152ei, ENVY 17-j161ea Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j165es Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j170ca Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j170ea Leap Motion SE, ENVY 17-j171ea Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j171sa Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j180ca, ENVY 17-j180ea Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j181nr, ENVY 17-j184na, ENVY 17-j184nr, ENVY 17-j184sg, ENVY 17-j190ez Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-j196ef Leap Motion TS SE, ENVY 17-jxxx (Intel DDR3 Series), ENVY 17-k011nr, ENVY 17-k073ca, ENVY 17-k102ng, ENVY 17-k104ng, ENVY 17-k181ng, ENVY 17-k200na, ENVY 17-k200nc, ENVY 17-k200nf, ENVY 17-k200ng, ENVY 17-k200np, ENVY 17-k200ns, ENVY 17-k200nt, ENVY 17-k200nw, ENVY 17-k201na, ENVY 17-k201nf, ENVY 17-k201ng, ENVY 17-k203nf, ENVY 17-k203ng, ENVY 17-k204nf, ENVY 17-k205nl, ENVY 17-k206na, ENVY 17-k206nl, ENVY 17-k207na, ENVY 17-k207nf, ENVY 17-k208nf, ENVY 17-k208TX, ENVY 17-k213TX, ENVY 17-k215TX, ENVY 17-k219TX, ENVY 17-k230no, ENVY 17-k231ng, ENVY 17-k231no, ENVY 17-k241no, ENVY 17-k243no, ENVY 17-k250ng, ENVY 17-k250ur, ENVY 17-k251na, ENVY 17-k251ur, ENVY 17-k252ur, ENVY 17-k253ur, ENVY 17-k254na, ENVY 17-k270ca, ENVY 17-k270nz, ENVY 17-k288nz, ENVY 17-k299nb, Envy 17t-1000 CTO, ENVY 17t-1100 CTO, ENVY 17t-1100 CTO 3D Edition, ENVY 17t-2000 CTO, ENVY 17t-2000 CTO 3D Edition, ENVY 17t-2100 CTO 3D Edition, ENVY 17t-3000 CTO, Envy 17t-3200 CTO, ENVY 17t-3200 CTO 3D Edition, ENVY 17t-j000, ENVY 17t-j100 Leap Motion QE, ENVY TouchSmart 17 (4th Gen Intel Core), ENVY TouchSmart 17-j005ea, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j011sa, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j017cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j023cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j030us, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j037cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j041nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j043cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j101ni, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j103ea, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j117cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j121na, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j122na, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j127cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j130us, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j137cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j140us, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j141nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j142nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j152ei, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j153cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j157cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j160nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j173ca, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j173cl, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j177nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j178ca, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j178nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j182nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j185na, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j185nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17-j186nr, ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j000, ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j000 Quad Edition, ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j000 Select Edition, ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j100

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Envy 17 Series, Envy 17-1000, Envy 17-1011nr, Envy 17-1012nr, Envy 17-1021tx, Envy 17-1022tx, Envy 17-1190nr 3D Edition, Envy 17-1191nr 3D Edition, Envy 17-1195ca 3D Edition

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Envy 17-1006tx, Envy 17-1007tx, Envy 17-1010nr, Envy 17-1010tx, Envy 17-1011tx, ENVY 17-1024tx, Envy 17-1050ea, ENVY 17-1050ea., ENVY 17-1050ef, ENVY 17-1103tx, ENVY 17-1104tx, Envy 17-1181nr, Envy 17-1190ca, ENVY 17-1190ea, Envy 17-1195ea, ENVY 17-1202tx, ENVY 17-1203tx, Envy 17-2001, ENVY 17-2001ea, Envy 17-2002, ENVY 17-2008tx, ENVY 17-2009tx, Envy 17-2070nr, Envy 17-2090el, Envy 17-2090nr 3D Edition, ENVY 17-2101ea, Envy 17-3000ea, Envy 17-3000eb, Envy 17-3000eg, Envy 17-3000eo, Envy 17-3000er, Envy 17-3001ed, Envy 17-3001ex, Envy 17-3002ea, Envy 17-3002ef, Envy 17-3004ed, Envy 17-3005eo, Envy 17-3010eg, Envy 17-3010en, Envy 17-3010eo, Envy 17-3010er, Envy 17-3011er, Envy 17-3015ef, Envy 17-3015eo, Envy 17-3020en, Envy 17-3030en, Envy 17-3030ew, Envy 17-3070NR, Envy 17-3077NR, Envy 17-3080ez, Envy 17t-2100 CTO