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Envy 4 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

ENVY 4-1001tu, ENVY 4-1001tx, ENVY 4-1002tu, ENVY 4-1002tx, ENVY 4-1003tu, ENVY 4-1003tx, ENVY 4-1004tx, ENVY 4-1005tx, ENVY 4-1006tx, ENVY 4-1007tx, ENVY 4-1008tx, ENVY 4-1009tu, ENVY 4-1009tx, ENVY 4-1010tu, ENVY 4-1011tu, ENVY 4-1012tu, ENVY 4-1014tx, ENVY 4-1015tx, ENVY 4-1016tu, ENVY 4-1016tx, ENVY 4-1017tu, ENVY 4-1017tx, ENVY 4-1018tu, ENVY 4-1018tx, ENVY 4-1019tu, ENVY 4-1019tx, ENVY 4-1020tx, ENVY 4-1021tx, ENVY 4-1023tu, ENVY 4-1023tx, ENVY 4-1024tu, ENVY 4-1024tx, ENVY 4-1025tu, ENVY 4-1025tx, ENVY 4-1026tu, ENVY 4-1030tx, ENVY 4-1031tx, ENVY 4-1035tx, ENVY 4-1045tx, ENVY 4-1130la, ENVY 4-1150la, ENVY 4-1152la, ENVY 4-1155la, ENVY 4-1200ed, ENVY 4-1200el, ENVY 4-1200eo, ENVY 4-1201ea, ENVY 4-1202ss, ENVY 4-1204ea, ENVY 4-1204sa, ENVY 4-1205ss, ENVY 4-1209tx, ENVY 4-1210sw, ENVY 4-1215tx, ENVY 4-1225tu, ENVY 4-1227tx, ENVY 4-1228tx, ENVY 4-1229tx, ENVY 4-1236tx, ENVY 4-1237tx, ENVY 4-1240tx, ENVY 4-1250ez, ENVY 4-1250sf, ENVY 4-1252la, ENVY 4-1255er, ENVY 4-1256er, ENVY 4-1257er, ENVY 4-1257sr, ENVY 4-1260ef, ENVY 4-1260sf, ENVY 4-1262sf, ENVY 4-1270er, ENVY 4-1271er, ENVY 4-1273er, ENVY 4t-1200

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