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HP 1000 series

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 1000 (AMD Series), HP 1000 (Intel Series), HP 1000-1129TU, HP 1000-1133TU, HP 1000-1214TU, HP 1000-1215TU, HP 1000-1216TU, HP 1000-1227TU, HP 1000-1228TU, HP 1000-1313TU, HP 1000-1314TU, HP 1000-1317TU, HP 1000-1323TU, HP 1000-1333TU, HP 1000-1334TU, HP 1000-1403AU, HP 1000-1404AU, HP 1000-1408AU, HP 1000-1409AU, HP 1000-1410AU, HP 1000-1413TX, HP 1000-1428TU, HP 1000-1429TU, HP 1000-1440TU

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