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HP 15 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 15 (Intel Series), HP 15-d000ss, HP 15-d002si, HP 15-d003si, HP 15-d010ca, HP 15-d013ca, HP 15-d030nr, HP 15-d035dx, HP 15-d038ca, HP 15-d053cl, HP 15-d079wm, HP 15-d081nr, HP 15-d082nr, HP 15-d083nr, HP 15-d089wm, HP 15-d090nr, HP 15-f001xx, HP 15-f003dx, HP 15-f004dx, HP 15-f008cl, HP 15-f009ca, HP 15-f009wm, HP 15-f010dx, HP 15-f011nr, HP 15-f014wm, HP 15-f018ca, HP 15-f018dx, HP 15-f019dx, HP 15-f023wm, HP 15-f024wm, HP 15-f027ca, HP 15-f048ca, HP 15-f085wm, HP 15-f100dx, HP 15-f111dx, HP 15-f128ca, HP 15-Fxxxx Series (4th Gen Intel Core), HP 15-G005NG, HP 15-g029ng, HP 15-g049ca, HP 15-g050ca, HP 15-g051ng, HP 15-g057cl, HP 15-g088ca, HP 15-g091ng, HP 15-p100ni, HP 15-pxxxx (5th Gen Intel Core), HP 15-r015dx, HP 15-r017dx, HP 15-r018na, HP 15-r021nr, HP 15-r022nr, HP 15-r023nr, HP 15-r024nr, HP 15-r025nr, HP 15-r026nr, HP 15-r033ca, HP 15-r039ca, HP 15-r050nr, HP 15-r052nr, HP 15-r053cl, HP 15-r081nr, HP 15-r082nr, HP 15-r084ng, HP 15-r096ng, HP 15-r108TU, HP 15-r110dx, HP 15-R121NG, HP 15-r123na, HP 15-r134cl, HP 15-r136wm, HP 15-r137wm, HP 15-r138ca, HP 15-r143ds, HP 15-r150na, HP 15-r150nr, HP 15-r150sa, HP 15-r154nr, HP 15-r181ng, HP 15-r181nr, HP 15-r189ng, HP 15-r201nf, HP 15-r202nt, HP 15-r202tx, HP 15-r203np, HP 15-r203TU, HP 15-r204na, HP 15-r204ng, HP 15-r204ns, HP 15-r204nt, HP 15-r205na, HP 15-r205nq, HP 15-r205TU, HP 15-r205TX, HP 15-r206TU, HP 15-r207na, HP 15-r207TX, HP 15-r208na, HP 15-r208nf, HP 15-r208nj, HP 15-r208nt, HP 15-r208TX, HP 15-r209nt, HP 15-r210nk, HP 15-r211na, HP 15-r211nl, HP 15-r212na, HP 15-r212nia, HP 15-r213na, HP 15-r214nt, HP 15-r214TX, HP 15-r215na, HP 15-r216nk, HP 15-r218nv, HP 15-r218nx, HP 15-r219na, HP 15-r219TX, HP 15-r220nd, HP 15-r220ng, HP 15-r220TX, HP 15-r223TX, HP 15-r224ne, HP 15-r227nk, HP 15-r228ne, HP 15-r229nl, HP 15-r230ca, HP 15-r231ne, HP 15-r231nw, HP 15-r238ne, HP 15-r265TU, HP 15-r279ng, HP 15-rxxxx (5th Gen Intel Core), HP 15-r174ca

8GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 15-f010wm, HP 15-f039wm, HP 15-f059wm, HP 15-f097nr, HP 15-f098nr, HP 15-Fxxxx Series (Intel DDR3 Single Slot), HP 15-r200nq, HP 15-r201nq, HP 15-r203nf, HP 15-r203nq, HP 15-r210no, HP 15-r212TU, HP 15-r214nia, HP 15-r217na, HP 15-r217nk, HP 15-r217TX, HP 15-r231nl, HP 15-r233TU, HP 15-r234TU, HP 15-r251nc, HP 15-r253TU, HP 15-r254nu, HP 15-r255TU, HP 15-r259nc, HP 15-r259TU, HP 15-r261nc, HP 15-Rxxxx Series (Intel DDR3), HP 15-Series (Intel DDR3 Single Slot)

8GB single plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 15 (AMD Series), HP 15-d001au, HP 15-d001si, HP 15-d002au, HP 15-d004au, HP 15-d005au, HP 15-d006au, HP 15-d011tu, HP 15-d012tu, HP 15-d013tu, HP 15-d014tu, HP 15-d015tu, HP 15-d017cl, HP 15-d020ca, HP 15-d020dx TouchSmart, HP 15-d020nr TouchSmart, HP 15-d021ca TouchSmart, HP 15-d026tu, HP 15-d027ca, HP 15-d027cl TouchSmart, HP 15-d027tu, HP 15-d028tu, HP 15-d029tu, HP 15-d032tu, HP 15-d033tu, HP 15-d040ca, HP 15-d040nr TouchSmart, HP 15-d045nr TouchSmart, HP 15-d048tu, HP 15-d049tu, HP 15-d050nr, HP 15-d050tu, HP 15-d051ea, HP 15-d051nr, HP 15-d051sa, HP 15-d051tu, HP 15-d052nr, HP 15-d053nr, HP 15-d054nr, HP 15-d056nr, HP 15-d057nr, HP 15-d058nr, HP 15-d059nr, HP 15-d060nr, HP 15-d068ca TouchSmart, HP 15-d069wm TouchSmart, HP 15-d070tu, HP 15-d071nr, HP 15-d072nr, HP 15-d073nr, HP 15-d074nr, HP 15-d075nr, HP 15-d076nr, HP 15-d079nr TouchSmart, HP 15-d087ca, HP 15-d095nr, HP 15-d098nr, HP 15-d099nr, HP 15-f004wm, HP 15-f199nr, HP 15-Fxxxx (AMD Series), HP 15-g000na, HP 15-g000si, HP 15-g001au, HP 15-g002au, HP 15-g005na, HP 15-g007dx, HP 15-g007na, HP 15-g010dx, HP 15-g010nr, HP 15-g011ca, HP 15-g011nr, HP 15-g012dx, HP 15-g013cl, HP 15-g013dx, HP 15-g013na, HP 15-g014dx, HP 15-g018dx, HP 15-g019wm, HP 15-g020ca, HP 15-g020dx, HP 15-g020nr, HP 15-g021ca, HP 15-g021ds, HP 15-g021nr, HP 15-g022ds, HP 15-g023au, HP 15-g023ds, HP 15-g024au, HP 15-g024ds, HP 15-g024nr, HP 15-g025au, HP 15-g025ds, HP 15-g026au, HP 15-g027au, HP 15-g027ca, HP 15-g028ca, HP 15-g029ca, HP 15-g029wm, HP 15-g031cy, HP 15-g031ds, HP 15-g032cy, HP 15-g032ds, HP 15-g033cy, HP 15-g033ds, HP 15-g034cy, HP 15-g034ds, HP 15-g035ds, HP 15-g035wm, HP 15-g036au, HP 15-g036ds, HP 15-g037cy, HP 15-g037ds, HP 15-g038cy, HP 15-g039ca, HP 15-g039cy, HP 15-g039ds, HP 15-g039wm, HP 15-g040au, HP 15-g040ca, HP 15-g041au, HP 15-g041ca, HP 15-g041ds, HP 15-g042cy, HP 15-g042ds, HP 15-g043cy, HP 15-g048ca, HP 15-g059wm, HP 15-g060ca, HP 15-g060nr, HP 15-g063nr, HP 15-g067cl, HP 15-g067nr, HP 15-g068ca, HP 15-g068cl, HP 15-g069cl, HP 15-g070nr, HP 15-g071nr, HP 15-g072nr, HP 15-g073nr, HP 15-g074nr, HP 15-g077nr, HP 15-g078nr, HP 15-g080nr, HP 15-g081nr, HP 15-g082nr, HP 15-g083nr, HP 15-g090nr, HP 15-g091na, HP 15-g091sa, HP 15-g092sa, HP 15-g093na, HP 15-g093sa, HP 15-g094na, HP 15-g094sa, HP 15-g099nr, HP 15-g100ca, HP 15-g121ds, HP 15-g122ds, HP 15-g123ds, HP 15-g124ds, HP 15-g125ds, HP 15-g126ds, HP 15-g132ds, HP 15-g133ds, HP 15-g134ds, HP 15-g135ds, HP 15-g137ds, HP 15-g163nr, HP 15-g166nr, HP 15-g170nr, HP 15-g173wm, HP 15-r000na, HP 15-r001ei, HP 15-r001na, HP 15-r001si, HP 15-r001tu, HP 15-r001tx, HP 15-r002tx, HP 15-r003tx, HP 15-r004na, HP 15-r005na, HP 15-r005si, HP 15-r005tu, HP 15-r008na, HP 15-r010si, HP 15-r011dx, HP 15-r011na, HP 15-r012na, HP 15-r013ca, HP 15-r013si, HP 15-r016tu, HP 15-r020na, HP 15-R021NG, HP 15-r022na, HP 15-r023na, HP 15-r024na, HP 15-r026na, HP 15-r027na, HP 15-r028tu, HP 15-r029na, HP 15-r029tu, HP 15-r029wm, HP 15-r030na, HP 15-r030nr, HP 15-r030tu, HP 15-r030wm, HP 15-r031ds, HP 15-r031na, HP 15-r031si, HP 15-r031tu, HP 15-r032ds, HP 15-r032tu, HP 15-r033ds, HP 15-r033na, HP 15-r034ca, HP 15-r034ds, HP 15-r034na, HP 15-r035ds, HP 15-r036ds, HP 15-r038tu, HP 15-r040na, HP 15-r040tu, HP 15-r046tu, HP 15-r047tu, HP 15-r063nr, HP 15-r071tu, HP 15-r101na, HP 15-r102na, HP 15-r106na, HP 15-r110na, HP 15-r111na, HP 15-r112na, HP 15-r116ni, HP 15-r117na, HP 15-r117ni, HP 15-r125na, HP 15-r126na, HP 15-r127na, HP 15-r137ds, HP 15-r138ds, HP 15-r139ds, HP 15-r141ds, HP 15-r142ds, HP 15-r160na, HP 15-r160sa, HP 15-r206na, HP 15-r210na

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