HP 2000 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 2000-2129TU, HP 2000-2212TU, HP 2000-2306TU, HP 2000-2309TU, HP 2000-2326TU, HP 2000-2c25DX

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP 2000-104CA, HP 2000-120CA, HP 2000-129CA, HP 2000-130CA, HP 2000-140CA, HP 2000-150CA, HP 2000-151CA, HP 2000-208CA, HP 2000-2108TU, HP 2000-2109TU, HP 2000-210US, HP 2000-211HE, HP 2000-2122TU, HP 2000-2126TU, HP 2000-216NR, HP 2000-217NR, HP 2000-219DX, HP 2000-2204TU, HP 2000-224CA, HP 2000-227CL, HP 2000-228CA, HP 2000-2301TU, HP 2000-2305TU, HP 2000-2311TU, HP 2000-2313TU, HP 2000-2316TU, HP 2000-2317TU, HP 2000-239DX, HP 2000-239WM, HP 2000-240CA, HP 2000-250CA, HP 2000-299WM, HP 2000-2a09CA, HP 2000-2a10NR, HP 2000-2a12HE, HP 2000-2a20CA, HP 2000-2a20NR, HP 2000-2a22NR, HP 2000-2a23NR, HP 2000-2a24NR, HP 2000-2a28CA, HP 2000-2a28DX, HP 2000-2a53CA, HP 2000-2b09CA, HP 2000-2b09WM, HP 2000-2b10CA, HP 2000-2B10NR, HP 2000-2b11CA, HP 2000-2b16NR, HP 2000-2b19WM, HP 2000-2b20CA, HP 2000-2b20NR, HP 2000-2b22DX, HP 2000-2b24NR, HP 2000-2b27NR, HP 2000-2b28CA, HP 2000-2b29CA, HP 2000-2b29NR, HP 2000-2b29WM, HP 2000-2b30DX, HP 2000-2b35NR, HP 2000-2b43dx, HP 2000-2B44DX, HP 2000-2b49CA, HP 2000-2b49WM, HP 2000-2b53CA, HP 2000-2b59WM, HP 2000-2b80DX, HP 2000-2b89WM, HP 2000-2c07CA, HP 2000-2c10DX, HP 2000-2c10NR, HP 2000-2c11nr, HP 2000-2c12NR, HP 2000-2c17CL, HP 2000-2c20CA, HP 2000-2c20DX, HP 2000-2c20NR, HP 2000-2c21NR, HP 2000-2c22DX, HP 2000-2c22NR, HP 2000-2c23dx, HP 2000-2c27CL, HP 2000-2c29NR, HP 2000-2c29WM, HP 2000-2c32NR, HP 2000-2c34nr, HP 2000-2c40CA, HP 2000-2c60CA, HP 2000-2c60NR, HP 2000-2c61NR, HP 2000-2c62NR, HP 2000-2d01LA, HP 2000-2d01SI, HP 2000-2d02SI, HP 2000-2d03SI, HP 2000-2d07CA, HP 2000-2d09CA, HP 2000-2d09WM, HP 2000-2d10NR, HP 2000-2d11dx, HP 2000-2d12TU, HP 2000-2d13CA, HP 2000-2d13TU, HP 2000-2d16TU, HP 2000-2d18TU, HP 2000-2d19TU, HP 2000-2d19WM, HP 2000-2d20CA, HP 2000-2d20NR, HP 2000-2d22dx, HP 2000-2d23TU, HP 2000-2d24DX, HP 2000-2d24TU, HP 2000-2d26TU, HP 2000-2d27CL, HP 2000-2d27DX, HP 2000-2d28CA, HP 2000-2d28TU, HP 2000-2d29dx, HP 2000-2d29WM, HP 2000-2d37CL, HP 2000-2d39TU, HP 2000-2d39WM, HP 2000-2d43TU, HP 2000-2d45TU, HP 2000-2d49WM, HP 2000-2d52TU, HP 2000-2d53TU, HP 2000-2d54TU, HP 2000-2d55NR, HP 2000-2d56NR, HP 2000-2d58TU, HP 2000-2d59TU, HP 2000-2d60dx, HP 2000-2d60NR, HP 2000-2d60TU, HP 2000-2d61NR, HP 2000-2d62NR, HP 2000-2d63NR, HP 2000-2d64NR, HP 2000-2d65NR, HP 2000-2d68NR, HP 2000-2d69NR, HP 2000-2d70DX, HP 2000-2d70NR, HP 2000-2d72NR, HP 2000-2d79NR, HP 2000-2d80NR, HP 2000-2d89NR, HP 2000-2d99NR, HP 2000-300CA, HP 2000-314NR, HP 2000-320CA, HP 2000-329WM, HP 2000-340CA, HP 2000-350us, HP 2000-351NR, HP 2000-352NR, HP 2000-353NR, HP 2000-354NR, HP 2000-355DX, HP 2000-356US, HP 2000-358NR, HP 2000-361NR, HP 2000-363NR, HP 2000-365DX, HP 2000-369NR, HP 2000-369WM, HP 2000-370CA, HP 2000-373CA, HP 2000-379WM, HP 2000-400CA, HP 2000-410US, HP 2000-412NR, HP 2000-416DX, HP 2000-417NR, HP 2000-420CA, HP 2000-425NR, HP 2000-427CL, HP 2000-428DX, HP 2000-450CA, HP 2000-453CA, HP 2000-bf69WM, HP 2000-bf6CA, HP 2000t, HP 2000t-2c00, HP 2000z, HP 2000z-2c00

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