HP G4xx series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G42 (AMD Series), HP G42-101XX, HP G42-154CA, HP G42-161LA, HP G42-163LA, HP G42-164LA, HP G42-165LA, HP G42-200, HP G42-200XX, HP G42-212BR, HP G42-214BR, HP G42-220BR, HP G42-224CA, HP G42-228CA, HP G42-230BR, HP G42-230US, HP G42-232NR, HP G42-240LA, HP G42-240US, HP G42-241HE, HP G42-241LA, HP G42-243CL, HP G42-247SB, HP G42-250BR, HP G42-250LA, HP G42-265LA, HP G42-268LA, HP G42-270LA, HP G42-301NR, HP G42-303DX, HP G42-328CA, HP G42-367CL, HP G42-371TU, HP G42-386TX, HP G42-387TX, HP G42-410US, HP G42-415DX, HP G42-463TX, HP G42-464TX, HP G42-466LA, HP G42-467TU, HP G42-475DX, HP G42T-200 CTO, HP-Compaq (G42, G62, CQ42, and CQ62 AMD DDR3), HP-Compaq (G42, G62, G72, and CQ42 Intel DDR3)

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