HP G5xx series

16GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G5320fr

16GB kit (4 slots) memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G5210be, HP G5215be, HP G5224de, HP G5250be, HP G5262es, HP g5281sc, HP G5283sc, HP G5301fr, HP G5309fr, HP G5310it, HP G5314fr, HP G5315pt, HP G5316it, HP G5318it, HP G5320be, HP G5320gr, HP G5326sc, HP G5330pt, HP G5335fr, HP G5336de, HP G5343sc, HP G5345be, HP G5350be, HP G5350nl, HP G5350uk, HP G5357fr, HP G5360es, HP G5360fr, HP G5360nl, HP G5362es, HP G5363es, HP G5370uk, HP G5383sc, HP G5384sc

4GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G5102uk, HP G5105ch, HP G5105de, HP G5105uk, HP G5106de, HP G5107de, HP G5110es, HP G5110fr, HP G5110it, HP G5110ru, HP G5110sc, HP G5111it, HP G5115ch, HP G5119ru, HP G5120sc, HP G5120uk, HP G5121de, HP G5122uk, HP G5124ch, HP G5125es, HP G5126de, HP G5128uk, HP G5129es, HP G5130fr, HP G5130nl, HP G5130ru, HP G5131fr, HP G5133fr, HP G5135fr, HP G5135uk, HP G5135uk-m, HP G5139fr, HP G5139sc, HP G5142fr, HP G5144fr, HP G5145fr, HP G5145sc, HP G5147fr, HP G5148fr, HP G5149fr, HP G5150be, HP G5150es, HP G5150fr, HP G5150pt, HP G5150sc, HP G5151es, HP G5151fr, HP G5152es, HP G5153es, HP G5153fr, HP G5154es, HP G5154fr, HP G5155es, HP G5155fr, HP G5155sc, HP G5157es, HP G5159fr, HP G5160be, HP G5160es, HP G5160fr, HP G5161sc, HP G5165fr, HP G5170fr, HP G5170sc, HP G5180be, HP G5180sc, HP G5185be, HP G5190be, HP G5200uk, HP G5202fr, HP G5206uk, HP G5210fr, HP G5210it, HP G5210nl, HP G5210pt, HP G5210sc, HP G5210uk, HP g5212it, HP G5215it, HP G5220fr, HP G5220nl, HP G5220sc, HP G5221de, HP G5221sc, HP G5225uk, HP g5230be, HP G5230fr, HP G5231fr, HP G5232fr, HP G5232uk, HP g5238sc, HP G5240fr-m, HP G5250fr, HP G5251es, HP G5254es, HP G5257es, HP G5257sc, HP G5260de, HP G5300fr, HP G5301it, HP G5310be, HP G5310fr, HP G5310nl, HP G5320pt, HP G5321sc, HP G5326uk, HP G5330uk, HP G5335de, HP G5339fr, HP G5341sc, HP G5344fr, HP G5344sc, HP G5345uk, HP G5350sc, HP G5351es, HP G5356at, HP G5357es, HP G5364es, HP G5390uk, HP G5415uk, HP G5418uk, Pavilion G5450af, Pavilion G5450fr

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G5110uk, HP G5140sc, HP G5208uk, HP G5240de, HP g5245nl, HP G5305be, HP G5305fr, HP G5315es, HP G5325uk, HP G5329es, HP G5331es, HP G5340fr, HP G5402tr, HP G5410uk, HP G5414fr, HP G5420fr, HP G5429fr, HP G5460esm, HP G5460uk, HP G5470uk, HP G5475fr, HP G56-100SA, HP G56-105SA, HP G56-106EA, HP G56-106SA, HP G56-118CA, HP G56-122US, HP G56-125NR, HP G56-126NR, HP G56-127NR, HP G56-130SA, HP G56-141US, HP-Compaq (G56 and CQ56 AMD DDR3), Pavilion G5420at

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