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HP G6xx series

4GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G62-450SA, HP G62-451SA, HP G62-452SA, HP G62-454CA, HP G62-455DX, HP G62-a (DDR3 Series), HP G62-a02SA, HP G62-a03SA, HP G62-a03ST, HP G62-a04SA, HP G62-a05ER, HP G62-a05SB, HP G62-a05SW, HP G62-a10EI, HP G62-a10EM, HP G62-a10EO, HP G62-a10EP, HP G62-a10ER, HP G62-a10ET, HP G62-a10EV, HP G62-a10SB, HP G62-a10SQ, HP G62-a10SV, HP G62-a10SW, HP G62-a11EL, HP G62-a11SA, HP G62-a11SI, HP G62-a11SO, HP G62-a12EL, HP G62-a12SA, HP G62-a12SD, HP G62-a12SO, HP G62-a13EO, HP G62-a13SA, HP G62-a13SD, HP G62-a14EO, HP G62-a14SA, HP G62-a14SL, HP G62-a15EO, HP G62-a15ER, HP G62-a15SA, HP G62-a15SM, HP G62-a15ST, HP G62-a15SW, HP G62-a15SY, HP G62-a16EO, HP G62-a16SA, HP G62-a17EA, HP G62-a17SA, HP G62-a17SO, HP G62-a18SA, HP G62-a18SO, HP G62-a18SY, HP G62-a19SA, HP G62-a20EC, HP G62-a20EP, HP G62-a20SA, HP G62-a20SL, HP G62-a20SM, HP G62-a20SO, HP G62-a20SP, HP G62-a20SS, HP G62-a20SV, HP G62-a21EZ, HP G62-a22EO, HP G62-a22EZ, HP G62-a22SA, HP G62-a23SO, HP G62-a24ET, HP G62-a24SL, HP G62-a24SO, HP G62-a24SZ, HP G62-a25EA, HP G62-a25SA, HP G62-a25SI, HP G62-a26SA, HP G62-a28SA, HP G62-a29SA, HP G62-a30SA, HP G62-a30SI, HP G62-a35ET, HP G62-a40SA, HP G62-a44SA, HP G62-a45SA, HP G62-a50SG, HP G62-a53SG, HP G62-a54SG, HP G62-a55SG, HP G62-a56SG, HP G62-a57SG, HP G62-a58SG, HP G62-a60SA, HP G62-b00SA, HP G62-b01SG, HP G62-b04SD, HP G62-b09SA, HP G62-b10SA, HP G62-b11SA, HP G62-b12SA, HP G62-b13EA, HP G62-b13SA, HP G62-b15SA, HP G62-b16EA, HP G62-b16SA, HP G62-b17SA, HP G62-b18SA, HP G62-b20SA, HP G62-b21SA, HP G62-b23SA, HP G62-b25SA, HP G62-b26SA, HP G62-b27EA, HP G62-b27SA, HP G62-b28SA, HP G62-b29SA, HP G62-b30SA, HP G62-b32SA, HP G62-b50SA, HP G62-b50SG, HP G62-b60SG, HP G62-b61SG

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G62 (AMD DDR3 Series), HP G62-100, HP G62-100EB, HP G62-100EE, HP G62-100SL, HP G62-104SA, HP G62-105SA, HP G62-106SA, HP G62-107SA, HP G62-110ED, HP G62-110EE, HP G62-110EO, HP G62-110EY, HP G62-110SA, HP G62-110SS, HP G62-110SW, HP G62-111EE, HP G62-112EE, HP G62-112SO, HP G62-113SO, HP G62-115SE, HP G62-115SO, HP G62-117SO, HP G62-120EC, HP G62-120EE, HP G62-120EG, HP G62-120EK, HP G62-120EL, HP G62-120EP, HP G62-120ES, HP G62-120SE, HP G62-120SL, HP G62-120SS, HP G62-120SW, HP G62-121EE, HP G62-125EK, HP G62-125EV, HP G62-125SL, HP G62-130EK, HP G62-130SL, HP G62-134CA, HP G62-140EL, HP G62-140ES, HP G62-140ET, HP G62-140SF, HP G62-140SS, HP G62-140US, HP G62-143CL, HP G62-144DX, HP G62-147NR, HP G62-149WM, HP G62-150EF, HP G62-150EQ, HP G62-150EV, HP G62-150SE, HP G62-150SF, HP G62-150SL, HP G62-153CA, HP G62-154CA, HP G62-165SL, HP G62-166SB, HP G62-208CA, HP G62-219CA, HP G62-219WM, HP G62-220CA, HP G62-220US, HP G62-221CA, HP G62-222US, HP G62-223CA, HP G62-223CL, HP G62-224CA, HP G62-224HE, HP G62-225DX, HP G62-225NR, HP G62-226NR, HP G62-227CA, HP G62-227CL, HP G62-228CA, HP G62-228CL, HP G62-228NR, HP G62-229NR, HP G62-229WM, HP G62-231NR, HP G62-233NR, HP G62-234DX, HP G62-236NR, HP G62-237CA, HP G62-237US, HP G62-238CA, HP G62-238NR, HP G62-244CA, HP G62-253TU, HP G62-264CA, HP G62-318CA, HP G62-320CA, HP G62-323CA, HP G62-325CA, HP G62-327CA, HP G62-337NR, HP G62-339WM, HP G62-340US, HP G62-341NR, HP G62-343NR, HP G62-346NR, HP G62-347CL, HP G62-347NR, HP G62-348CA, HP G62-348NR, HP G62-352CA, HP G62-352US, HP G62-353NR, HP G62-354CA, HP G62-355CA, HP G62-355DX, HP G62-357CA, HP G62-358CA, HP G62-358NR, HP G62-359CA, HP G62-363NR, HP G62-364DX, HP G62-365CA, HP G62-367DX, HP G62-369TX, HP G62-370TX, HP G62-371DX, HP G62-372US, HP G62-373DX, HP G62-374CA, HP G62-378CA, HP G62-404NR, HP G62-407DX, HP G62-415NR, HP G62-420CA, HP G62-423CA, HP G62-435DX, HP G62-448CA, HP G62-457CA, HP G62-457DX, HP G62-461TX, HP G62-462TX, HP G62-465DX, HP G62-470CA, HP G62-474CA, HP G62-478CA, HP G62-550EE, HP G62-a00EF, HP G62-a00SG, HP G62-a01SA, HP G62-a01SG, HP G62-a02EG, HP G62-a05SQ, HP G62-a05ST, HP G62-a06SG, HP G62-a07SG, HP G62-a10EH, HP G62-a10EJ, HP G62-a10EK, HP G62-a10SA, HP G62-a10SE, HP G62-a10SK, HP G62-a11SD, HP G62-a11SE, HP G62-a12EV, HP G62-a12SE, HP G62-a12SV, HP G62-a13EE, HP G62-a13SE, HP G62-a14ED, HP G62-a14EV, HP G62-a14SV, HP G62/G72 (Intel DDR3 Series), HP G62m, HP G62t Series

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G62-a16ER, HP G62-a16SL, HP G62-a17SY, HP G62-a19SO, HP G62-a20EH, HP G62-a20EI, HP G62-a20EJ, HP G62-a20ER, HP G62-a20SE, HP G62-a20SQ, HP G62-a20SW, HP G62-a20SY, HP G62-a21EA, HP G62-a21EP, HP G62-a21SA, HP G62-a21SE, HP G62-a22SE, HP G62-a23EE, HP G62-a23SA, HP G62-a23SE

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