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HP G7xx series

4GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G72-a05SG, HP G72-a10SA, HP G72-a10SB, HP G72-a17EZ, HP G72-a20ER, HP G72-a20SA, HP G72-a20SO, HP G72-a26EZ, HP G72-a30SA, HP G72-a35SF, HP G72-b01EA, HP G72-b01SA,

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

HP G72-101SA, HP G72-102SA, HP G72-105SA, HP G72-110EL, HP G72-110EV, HP G72-110SA, HP G72-110SD, HP G72-110SO, HP G72-110SW, HP G72-120EB, HP G72-120EG, HP G72-120EP, HP G72-120EV, HP G72-120EW, HP G72-120SD, HP G72-120SG, HP G72-120SO, HP G72-130ED, HP G72-130EG, HP G72-130EV, HP G72-130SA, HP G72-130SB, HP G72-130SF, HP G72-140ED, HP G72-150EF, HP G72-150EG, HP G72-150SF, HP G72-214CA, HP G72-217CA, HP G72-227WM, HP G72-250US, HP G72-251NR, HP G72-252US, HP G72-253NR, HP G72-257CL, HP G72-259WM, HP G72-260US, HP G72-261US, HP G72-262NR, HP G72-a01SG, HP G72-a02EG, HP G72-a10EV, HP G72-a10SV, HP G72-a20EM, HP G72-a20EW, HP G72-a26SO, HP G72-a30EM, HP G72-a30EW, HP G72-a30SI, HP G72-a40ER, HP G72-a40EW, HP G72-a40SA, HP G72-a40SP, HP G72-a50EC, HP G72-a50ET, HP G72-b02SA, HP G72-b10SA, HP G72-b15SA, HP G72-b27CL, HP G72-b49WM, HP G72-b50US, HP G72-b53NR, HP G72-b54NR, HP G72-b57CL, HP G72-b60US, HP G72-b61NR, HP G72-b62US, HP G72-b63NR, HP G72-b66US, HP G72-b67CA, HP G72-b67US, HP G72-c55DX

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