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Pavilion 14 systems

12GB single plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 14-n030br

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 14 (3rd Gen Intel Core), Pavilion 14 (4th Gen Intel Core), Pavilion 14 / TS 14 AMD Series, Pavilion 14-b062LA, Pavilion 14-B083EG, Pavilion 14-b108sx, Pavilion 14-b109ex, Pavilion 14-b109sx, Pavilion 14-b155la, Pavilion 14-b159la, Pavilion 14-b183eg, Pavilion 14-e001tx, Pavilion 14-e002tx, Pavilion 14-e003tu, Pavilion 14-e004tu, Pavilion 14-e004tx, Pavilion 14-e005tu, Pavilion 14-e005tx, Pavilion 14-e006tu, Pavilion 14-e006tx, Pavilion 14-e007tu, Pavilion 14-e007tx, Pavilion 14-e008tu, Pavilion 14-e008tx, Pavilion 14-e009tu, Pavilion 14-e009tx, Pavilion 14-e010la, Pavilion 14-e010tu, Pavilion 14-e011tu, Pavilion 14-e011tx, Pavilion 14-e012la, Pavilion 14-e014la, Pavilion 14-e014tu, Pavilion 14-e015tu, Pavilion 14-e015tx, Pavilion 14-e016la, Pavilion 14-e016tu, Pavilion 14-e016tx, Pavilion 14-e017tu, Pavilion 14-e017tx, Pavilion 14-e018la, Pavilion 14-e018tx, Pavilion 14-e019tx, Pavilion 14-e020tx, Pavilion 14-e021tx, Pavilion 14-e022tx, Pavilion 14-e023tx, Pavilion 14-e024tx, Pavilion 14-e027tx, Pavilion 14-e028tx, Pavilion 14-e031tx, Pavilion 14-e032tx, Pavilion 14-e033tx, Pavilion 14-e034tx, Pavilion 14-e035tx, Pavilion 14-e036tx, Pavilion 14-e037tx, Pavilion 14-e038tx, Pavilion 14-e039tx, Pavilion 14-e042tx, Pavilion 14-e043tx, Pavilion 14-e044tx, Pavilion 14-e045tx, Pavilion 14-e046tx, Pavilion 14-e047tx, Pavilion 14-e049tx, Pavilion 14-e050tx, Pavilion 14-e051tx, Pavilion 14-f004la, Pavilion 14-n000ej, Pavilion 14-n000sa, Pavilion 14-n000sc, Pavilion 14-n001ax, Pavilion 14-n001tx, Pavilion 14-n002ax, Pavilion 14-n002tu, Pavilion 14-n003ej, Pavilion 14-n003la, Pavilion 14-n003tx, Pavilion 14-n004tu, Pavilion 14-n005la, Pavilion 14-n005tu, Pavilion 14-n007ax, Pavilion 14-n007la, Pavilion 14-n007tu, Pavilion 14-n008tu, Pavilion 14-n009ax, Pavilion 14-n009la, Pavilion 14-n010ax, Pavilion 14-n010br, Pavilion 14-n010sx, Pavilion 14-n011ex, Pavilion 14-n011sx, Pavilion 14-n012au, Pavilion 14-n012ax, Pavilion 14-n012eo, Pavilion 14-n013ax, Pavilion 14-n013la, Pavilion 14-n014ee, Pavilion 14-n014se, Pavilion 14-n014tu, Pavilion 14-n015tu, Pavilion 14-n016eo, Pavilion 14-n017tu, Pavilion 14-n018tu, Pavilion 14-n020br, Pavilion 14-n020la, Pavilion 14-n021la, Pavilion 14-n021tu, Pavilion 14-n024tu, Pavilion 14-n024tx, Pavilion 14-n026la, Pavilion 14-n027tx, Pavilion 14-n028la, Pavilion 14-n028tu, Pavilion 14-n028tx, Pavilion 14-n029la, Pavilion 14-n029tx, Pavilion 14-n030la, Pavilion 14-n036la, Pavilion 14-n037tx, Pavilion 14-n038tx, Pavilion 14-n040ef, Pavilion 14-n042tu, Pavilion 14-n043tu, Pavilion 14-n044tu, Pavilion 14-n045tu, Pavilion 14-n046tu, Pavilion 14-n047tu, Pavilion 14-n048tu, Pavilion 14-n049tu, Pavilion 14-n050br, Pavilion 14-n053tu, Pavilion 14-n054tu, Pavilion 14-n055tx, Pavilion 14-n061tx, Pavilion 14-n063tx, Pavilion 14-n065tx, Pavilion 14-n066tx, Pavilion 14-n067tx, Pavilion 14-n073tx, Pavilion 14-n075tx, Pavilion 14-n200ej, Pavilion 14-n200sf, Pavilion 14-n201ee, Pavilion 14-n201se,Pavilion 14-n201st, Pavilion 14-n201tu, Pavilion 14-n201tx, Pavilion 14-n202ax, Pavilion 14-n202ee, Pavilion 14-n202la, Pavilion 14-n202se, Pavilion 14-n202ss, Pavilion 14-n202tx, Pavilion 14-n203la, Pavilion 14-n203se, Pavilion 14-n203sp, Pavilion 14-n203sx, Pavilion 14-n203tu, Pavilion 14-n204ej, Pavilion 14-n204sa, Pavilion 14-n204se, Pavilion 14-n204sp, Pavilion 14-n205ax, Pavilion 14-n206sa, Pavilion 14-n206tx, Pavilion 14-n207la, Pavilion 14-n207tx, Pavilion 14-n208tx, Pavilion 14-n209ex, Pavilion 14-n209la, Pavilion 14-n211sx, Pavilion 14-n211tu, Pavilion 14-n212ex, Pavilion 14-n213tx, Pavilion 14-n214tx, Pavilion 14-n215tx, Pavilion 14-n216tu, Pavilion 14-n216tx, Pavilion 14-n217tu, Pavilion 14-n217tx, Pavilion 14-n218tu, Pavilion 14-n218tx, Pavilion 14-n218us, Pavilion 14-n219tx, Pavilion 14-n220la, Pavilion 14-n220sw, Pavilion 14-n221ea, Pavilion 14-n222tu, Pavilion 14-n222tx, Pavilion 14-n223tu, Pavilion 14-n225tx, Pavilion 14-n226tx, Pavilion 14-n227tx, Pavilion 14-n228ca, Pavilion 14-n228tx, Pavilion 14-n229la, Pavilion 14-n229tx, Pavilion 14-n230tu, Pavilion 14-n230tx, Pavilion 14-n231tu, Pavilion 14-n232tu, Pavilion 14-n233tu, Pavilion 14-n233tx, Pavilion 14-n234tu, Pavilion 14-n235tu, Pavilion 14-n236tu, Pavilion 14-n237tu, Pavilion 14-n237tx, Pavilion 14-n238tu, Pavilion 14-n240la, Pavilion 14-n242tu, Pavilion 14-n245tx, Pavilion 14-n248ca, Pavilion 14-n248nf, Pavilion 14-n249nf, Pavilion 14-n250eo, Pavilion 14-n250tx, Pavilion 14-n251tx, Pavilion 14-n252tx, Pavilion 14-n258tx, Pavilion 14-n260tx, Pavilion 14-n261tx, Pavilion 14-n265tx, Pavilion 14-n266tx, Pavilion 14-n267tx, Pavilion 14-n268tx, Pavilion 14-n269tx, Pavilion 14-n270tx, Pavilion 14-n271tx, Pavilion 14-n272tx, Pavilion 14-n273tx, Pavilion 14-n274tx, Pavilion 14-n275tx, Pavilion 14-n280tx, Pavilion 14-n290tx, Pavilion 14-n291tx, Pavilion 14-n292tx, Pavilion 14-n293tx, Pavilion 14-n295tx, Pavilion 14-v003la, Pavilion 14-v005la, Pavilion 14-v006la, Pavilion 14-v007la, Pavilion 14-v009la, Pavilion 14-v009tu, Pavilion 14-v010tu, Pavilion 14-v011tu, Pavilion 14-v014la, Pavilion 14-v015tu, Pavilion 14-v021tu, Pavilion 14-v023tu, Pavilion 14-v024ca, Pavilion 14-v024tu, Pavilion 14-v025tu, Pavilion 14-v026tu, Pavilion 14-v028tu, Pavilion 14-v034tx, Pavilion 14-v035tx, Pavilion 14-v036tx, Pavilion 14-v038ca, Pavilion 14-v048ca, Pavilion 14-v054ca, Pavilion 14-v054tx, Pavilion 14-v055tx, Pavilion 14-v056tx, Pavilion 14-v058tx, Pavilion 14-v062us, Pavilion 14-v063us, Pavilion 14-v124ca, Pavilion 14-v134ca, Pavilion 14-v138ca, Pavilion 14-v140la, Pavilion 14-v148ca, Pavilion 14-v152xx, Pavilion 14-v168nr, Pavilion 14t-v000, Pavilion 14t-v100, Pavilion 14z-n100, Pavilion 14z-n200

32GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 14 (5th Gen Intel Core)

4GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 14, Pavilion 14-c000ed Chromebook, Pavilion 14-c001ea, Pavilion 14-c001ef, Pavilion 14-c001eo, Pavilion 14-c001sa, Pavilion 14-c001sf Chromebook, Pavilion 14-c001tu, Pavilion 14-c002ea, Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook, Pavilion 14-c002tu, Pavilion 14-c010us, Pavilion 14-c011nr, Pavilion 14-c015dx Chromebook, Pavilion 14-c020us, Pavilion 14-c025us, Pavilion 14-c035us, Pavilion 14-c053cl, Pavilion 14-c070sg Chromebook

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