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Pavilion 15 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Beats Special Edition 15-p030nr, Beats Special Edition 15-p099nr, Beats Special Edition 15z-p000, Pavilion 15 (AMD DDR3), Pavilion 15 (Intel DDR3), Pavilion 15-e000si, Pavilion 15-e001sl, Pavilion 15-e003sg, Pavilion 15-e003tu, Pavilion 15-e004sl, Pavilion 15-e004tu, Pavilion 15-e006ea, Pavilion 15-e006sa, Pavilion 15-e006sg, Pavilion 15-e006sl, Pavilion 15-e006tu, Pavilion 15-e007tu, Pavilion 15-e008ax, Pavilion 15-e008ea, Pavilion 15-e008sa, Pavilion 15-e008tu, Pavilion 15-e009ea, Pavilion 15-e009sa, Pavilion 15-e009tu, Pavilion 15-e009tx, Pavilion 15-e010sa, Pavilion 15-e010tx, Pavilion 15-e010us, Pavilion 15-e011ei, Pavilion 15-e011sa, Pavilion 15-e011si, Pavilion 15-e011tx, Pavilion 15-e012sa, Pavilion 15-e012tx, Pavilion 15-e013au, Pavilion 15-e013sa, Pavilion 15-e013tu, Pavilion 15-e014au, Pavilion 15-e014sa, Pavilion 15-e014tx, Pavilion 15-e015au, Pavilion 15-e015tx, Pavilion 15-e016tx, Pavilion 15-e017tx, Pavilion 15-e018tx, Pavilion 15-e019tx, Pavilion 15-e020sa, Pavilion 15-e020tu, Pavilion 15-e021el, Pavilion 15-e021sa, Pavilion 15-e021tx, Pavilion 15-e022el, Pavilion 15-e022sa, Pavilion 15-e022tx, Pavilion 15-e023sl, Pavilion 15-e024tu, Pavilion 15-e025sl, Pavilion 15-e026sa, Pavilion 15-e026sl, Pavilion 15-e027sa, Pavilion 15-e027sl, Pavilion 15-e028sa, Pavilion 15-e029sl, Pavilion 15-e030ea, Pavilion 15-e030wm, Pavilion 15-e031ax, Pavilion 15-e033ea, Pavilion 15-e033sl, Pavilion 15-e033sx, Pavilion 15-e033tx, Pavilion 15-e034ea, Pavilion 15-e034sa, Pavilion 15-e034tx, Pavilion 15-e035sx, Pavilion 15-e036sa, Pavilion 15-e037cl, Pavilion 15-e038sx, Pavilion 15-e038tx, Pavilion 15-e039nr, Pavilion 15-e039sg, Pavilion 15-e039sx, Pavilion 15-e039tx, Pavilion 15-e040sx, Pavilion 15-e041sa, Pavilion 15-e041sx, Pavilion 15-e042sa, Pavilion 15-e043sa, Pavilion 15-e044sa, Pavilion 15-e045sa, Pavilion 15-e045sx, Pavilion 15-e045tx, Pavilion 15-e046sa, Pavilion 15-e046sx, Pavilion 15-e046tx, Pavilion 15-e047sa, Pavilion 15-e047sx, Pavilion 15-e048nr, Pavilion 15-e050ea, Pavilion 15-e050sa, Pavilion 15-e050sg, Pavilion 15-e051si, Pavilion 15-e051sx, Pavilion 15-e052sg, Pavilion 15-e053sg, Pavilion 15-e053sx, Pavilion 15-e054sa, Pavilion 15-e054si, Pavilion 15-e055sx, Pavilion 15-e055tx, Pavilion 15-e056sa, Pavilion 15-e056sl, Pavilion 15-e056tx, Pavilion 15-e057tx, Pavilion 15-e058ex, Pavilion 15-e058sx, Pavilion 15-e058tx, Pavilion 15-e059tx, Pavilion 15-e060tx, Pavilion 15-e061nr, Pavilion 15-e061sx, Pavilion 15-e062nr, Pavilion 15-e063nr, Pavilion 15-e064nr, Pavilion 15-e065nr, Pavilion 15-e066si, Pavilion 15-e066sl, Pavilion 15-e067nr, Pavilion 15-e067si, Pavilion 15-e067sl, Pavilion 15-e069sl, Pavilion 15-e070ex, Pavilion 15-e070sa, Pavilion 15-e070sl, Pavilion 15-e072ea, Pavilion 15-e072ex, Pavilion 15-e072sa, Pavilion 15-e073ea, Pavilion 15-e073sa, Pavilion 15-e073sg, Pavilion 15-e077sg, Pavilion 15-e078ea, Pavilion 15-e078sa, Pavilion 15-e081ea, Pavilion 15-e081sa, Pavilion 15-e083ee, Pavilion 15-e085nr, Pavilion 15-e086nr, Pavilion 15-e087nr, Pavilion 15-e088nr, Pavilion 15-e089nr, Pavilion 15-e089sg, Pavilion 15-e089sl, Pavilion 15-e090ea, Pavilion 15-e090sl, Pavilion 15-e091sl, Pavilion 15-e092ea, Pavilion 15-e092sa, Pavilion 15-e092se, Pavilion 15-e093eg, Pavilion 15-e095eg, Pavilion 15-e096sa, Pavilion 15-e097sa, Pavilion 15-e107tu, Pavilion 15-e107tx, Pavilion 15-e108tu, Pavilion 15-e108tx, Pavilion 15-e110tx, Pavilion 15-e187nr, Pavilion 15-n001la, Pavilion 15-n002la, Pavilion 15-n003tx, Pavilion 15-n004tx, Pavilion 15-n005sa, Pavilion 15-n005sg, Pavilion 15-n006ax, Pavilion 15-n006sa, Pavilion 15-n006sl, Pavilion 15-n007ax, Pavilion 15-n007eg, Pavilion 15-n007tx, Pavilion 15-n010sl, Pavilion 15-n010tx, Pavilion 15-n010us, Pavilion 15-n011tx, Pavilion 15-n012eg, Pavilion 15-n012nr, Pavilion 15-n012tu, Pavilion 15-n012tx, Pavilion 15-n013ca, Pavilion 15-n013dx, Pavilion 15-n013sa, Pavilion 15-n013tx, Pavilion 15-n014nr, Pavilion 15-n014sa, Pavilion 15-n015sl, Pavilion 15-n017sg, Pavilion 15-n018ea, Pavilion 15-n018sa, Pavilion 15-n019wm, Pavilion 15-n020ax, Pavilion 15-n020ca, Pavilion 15-n020el, Pavilion 15-n020nr, Pavilion 15-n020sl, Pavilion 15-n021sg, Pavilion 15-n023el, Pavilion 15-n023sl, Pavilion 15-n025el, Pavilion 15-n025sl, Pavilion 15-n026sa, Pavilion 15-n027sl, Pavilion 15-n028eg, Pavilion 15-n028sg, Pavilion 15-n028us, Pavilion 15-n029sg, Pavilion 15-n030ca, Pavilion 15-n030sa, Pavilion 15-n031sa, Pavilion 15-n031sg, Pavilion 15-n032ea, Pavilion 15-n032sa, Pavilion 15-n033ca, Pavilion 15-n033ea, Pavilion 15-n033eg, Pavilion 15-n033el, Pavilion 15-n033sa, Pavilion 15-n033sl, Pavilion 15-n034ca, Pavilion 15-n034ea, Pavilion 15-n034sa, Pavilion 15-n038sa, Pavilion 15-n039ea, Pavilion 15-n039tx, Pavilion 15-n040ea, Pavilion 15-n041ea, Pavilion 15-n042sa, Pavilion 15-n042sl, Pavilion 15-n042tx, Pavilion 15-n043sl, Pavilion 15-n045eg, Pavilion 15-n046sl, Pavilion 15-n046tx, Pavilion 15-n047eg, Pavilion 15-n048nr, Pavilion 15-n048sl, Pavilion 15-n050eg, Pavilion 15-n050el, Pavilion 15-n050sl, Pavilion 15-n052sl, Pavilion 15-n053el, Pavilion 15-n053sl, Pavilion 15-n057sl, Pavilion 15-n062sl, Pavilion 15-n063sl, Pavilion 15-n064nr, Pavilion 15-n065nr, Pavilion 15-n066sl, Pavilion 15-n067nr, Pavilion 15-n067sg, Pavilion 15-n067sl, Pavilion 15-n068el, Pavilion 15-n068sl, Pavilion 15-n069si, Pavilion 15-n071sl, Pavilion 15-n072SG, Pavilion 15-n073sl, Pavilion 15-n077sl, Pavilion 15-n078sl, Pavilion 15-n080el, Pavilion 15-n082sl, Pavilion 15-n083ea, Pavilion 15-n083eg, Pavilion 15-n083sa, Pavilion 15-n084ca, Pavilion 15-n086sl, Pavilion 15-n089nr, Pavilion 15-n089sg, Pavilion 15-n090sg, Pavilion 15-n092el, Pavilion 15-n093nr, Pavilion 15-n096ea, Pavilion 15-n096nr, Pavilion 15-n096sa, Pavilion 15-n097ea, Pavilion 15-n097eg, Pavilion 15-n097nr, Pavilion 15-n097sa, Pavilion 15-n098ea, Pavilion 15-n098sa, Pavilion 15-n200ea, Pavilion 15-n200nr, Pavilion 15-n200sa, Pavilion 15-n200si, Pavilion 15-n200si, Pavilion 15-n201ax, Pavilion 15-n201nr, Pavilion 15-n201sa, Pavilion 15-n202nr, Pavilion 15-n203nr, Pavilion 15-n203sa, Pavilion 15-n203tx, Pavilion 15-n204nr, Pavilion 15-n204sa, Pavilion 15-n204tx, Pavilion 15-n205nr, Pavilion 15-n205sa, Pavilion 15-n205tx, Pavilion 15-n206nr, Pavilion 15-n206sa, Pavilion 15-n206sl, Pavilion 15-n206tx, Pavilion 15-n207ax, Pavilion 15-n207ea, Pavilion 15-n207nr, Pavilion 15-n207sa, Pavilion 15-n208nr, Pavilion 15-n208sa, Pavilion 15-n208tx, Pavilion 15-n209nr, Pavilion 15-n209sa, Pavilion 15-n209tx, Pavilion 15-n210dx TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n210nr, Pavilion 15-n210tx, Pavilion 15-n210us, Pavilion 15-n211dx, Pavilion 15-n211nr, Pavilion 15-n211sg, Pavilion 15-n211tx, Pavilion 15-n212nr, Pavilion 15-n212si, Pavilion 15-n212tx, Pavilion 15-n213ca, Pavilion 15-n213eg, Pavilion 15-n213nr, Pavilion 15-n213sg, Pavilion 15-n213si, Pavilion 15-n214nr, Pavilion 15-n214si, Pavilion 15-n214tx, Pavilion 15-n215nr, Pavilion 15-n215si, Pavilion 15-n215tx, Pavilion 15-n217ax, Pavilion 15-n217nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n217sa, Pavilion 15-n218nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n218tx, Pavilion 15-n219nr, Pavilion 15-n219sa, Pavilion 15-n219tx, Pavilion 15-n220nr, Pavilion 15-n220sa, Pavilion 15-n220tx, Pavilion 15-n220us, Pavilion 15-n221nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n221sa, Pavilion 15-n221tx, Pavilion 15-n222ea, Pavilion 15-n222sa, Pavilion 15-n222tu, Pavilion 15-n222tx, Pavilion 15-n223nr, Pavilion 15-n223sa, Pavilion 15-n223tu, Pavilion 15-n224eg, Pavilion 15-n224sa, Pavilion 15-n224sg, Pavilion 15-n224tu, Pavilion 15-n225nr, Pavilion 15-n226nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n227nr, Pavilion 15-n228nr, Pavilion 15-n228tx, Pavilion 15-n228us, Pavilion 15-n229nr, Pavilion 15-n229sa, Pavilion 15-n229tx, Pavilion 15-n230ca TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n230nr, Pavilion 15-n230sa, Pavilion 15-n230us, Pavilion 15-n232nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n232sa, Pavilion 15-n233ca, Pavilion 15-N234EG, Pavilion 15-n234sa, Pavilion 15-n235nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n235sa, Pavilion 15-n236nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n237nr, Pavilion 15-n238nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n239ca, Pavilion 15-n239nr, Pavilion 15-n240nr, Pavilion 15-n240sa, Pavilion 15-n240us TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n241ca TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n241nr, Pavilion 15-n242nr, Pavilion 15-n243cl, Pavilion 15-n243sa, Pavilion 15-n244sa, Pavilion 15-n245nr, Pavilion 15-n245sa, Pavilion 15-n246sa, Pavilion 15-n247sa, Pavilion 15-n247sl, Pavilion 15-n248sa, Pavilion 15-n250ca, Pavilion 15-n250nr, Pavilion 15-n251nr, Pavilion 15-n251sa, Pavilion 15-n252sa, Pavilion 15-n253nr, Pavilion 15-n253sa, Pavilion 15-n253tx, Pavilion 15-n254nr, Pavilion 15-n255sa, Pavilion 15-n256sa, Pavilion 15-n257nr, Pavilion 15-n258nr, Pavilion 15-n258tx, Pavilion 15-n259eg, Pavilion 15-n259nr, Pavilion 15-n259sg, Pavilion 15-n259tx, Pavilion 15-n260nr, Pavilion 15-n260tx, Pavilion 15-n260us TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n261nr, Pavilion 15-n261sa, Pavilion 15-n261tx, Pavilion 15-n262nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n263nr, Pavilion 15-n263sa, Pavilion 15-n264nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n265nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n265sa, Pavilion 15-n266ea, Pavilion 15-n266nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n266sa, Pavilion 15-n266sg, Pavilion 15-n266tx, Pavilion 15-n267ca TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n267ea, Pavilion 15-n267ei, Pavilion 15-n267nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n267sa, Pavilion 15-n267sg, Pavilion 15-n267si, Pavilion 15-n267tx, Pavilion 15-n268ea, Pavilion 15-n268nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n268sa, Pavilion 15-n269nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n269si, Pavilion 15-n270ea, Pavilion 15-n270nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n270sa, Pavilion 15-n270sg, Pavilion 15-n271ea, Pavilion 15-n271nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n272nr, Pavilion 15-n273ea, Pavilion 15-n273eg, Pavilion 15-n273sa, Pavilion 15-n274ca TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n274sa, Pavilion 15-n276ea, Pavilion 15-n276sa, Pavilion 15-n278ea, Pavilion 15-n278sa, Pavilion 15-n280nr, Pavilion 15-n280u TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n281ea, Pavilion 15-n283nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n284ca, Pavilion 15-n284nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n285nr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n285sg, Pavilion 15-n286sg, Pavilion 15-n287cl TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n287nrr TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n288ca, Pavilion 15-n288nr, Pavilion 15-n289nr, Pavilion 15-n290ea, Pavilion 15-n290nr, Pavilion 15-n290sa, Pavilion 15-n291nr, Pavilion 15-n292nr, Pavilion 15-n293cl TouchSmart, Pavilion 15-n293nr, Pavilion 15-n294nr, Pavilion 15-n297ea, Pavilion 15-n297nr, Pavilion 15-n297sa, Pavilion 15-n298ea, Pavilion 15-n298nr, Pavilion 15-n298sa, Pavilion 15-n299ea, Pavilion 15-n299nr, Pavilion 15-n299sa, Pavilion 15-p001ax, Pavilion 15-p001na, Pavilion 15-p001tu, Pavilion 15-p002na, Pavilion 15-p003ax, Pavilion 15-p003na, Pavilion 15-p004na, Pavilion 15-p005ax, Pavilion 15-p005na, Pavilion 15-p006ax, Pavilion 15-p006tu, Pavilion 15-p007na, Pavilion 15-P007NG, Pavilion 15-p007tu, Pavilion 15-p008tu, Pavilion 15-p009ax, Pavilion 15-p009na, Pavilion 15-P009NG, Pavilion 15-p009si, Pavilion 15-p010ax, Pavilion 15-p010dx, Pavilion 15-p010la, Pavilion 15-p010si, Pavilion 15-p010us, Pavilion 15-p011na, Pavilion 15-p011nr, Pavilion 15-p011si, Pavilion 15-p012na, Pavilion 15-P012NG, Pavilion 15-p012si, Pavilion 15-p013na, Pavilion 15-p013si, Pavilion 15-p014si, Pavilion 15-p015ax, Pavilion 15-p015tx, Pavilion 15-p016ax, Pavilion 15-p018na, Pavilion 15-p018tx, Pavilion 15-p019tx, Pavilion 15-p020ca, Pavilion 15-P020NG, Pavilion 15-p020tx, Pavilion 15-p020us, Pavilion 15-p021ca, Pavilion 15-p021cy, Pavilion 15-p021nr, Pavilion 15-p022ca, Pavilion 15-p022cy, Pavilion 15-p022na, Pavilion 15-p022nr, Pavilion 15-p023cy, Pavilion 15-p023na, Pavilion 15-p023nr, Pavilion 15-p024cy, Pavilion 15-p024na, Pavilion 15-p024nr, Pavilion 15-p025na, Pavilion 15-p026ax, Pavilion 15-p026cy, Pavilion 15-p026nr, Pavilion 15-p027cy, Pavilion 15-p027nr, Pavilion 15-p027tx, Pavilion 15-p028cy, Pavilion 15-p028nr, Pavilion 15-p028tu, Pavilion 15-p028tx, Pavilion 15-p029ca, Pavilion 15-p029cy, Pavilion 15-p029nr, Pavilion 15-p029tu, Pavilion 15-p029tx, Pavilion 15-P030NG, Pavilion 15-p030tu, Pavilion 15-p031cy, Pavilion 15-p031na, Pavilion 15-P031NG, Pavilion 15-p032cy, Pavilion 15-p032na, Pavilion 15-p033ca, Pavilion 15-p033cl, Pavilion 15-p033cy, Pavilion 15-p034cy, Pavilion 15-p035cy, Pavilion 15-p036cy, Pavilion 15-p037ax, Pavilion 15-p037cl, Pavilion 15-p037cy, Pavilion 15-p038ax, Pavilion 15-p038na, Pavilion 15-p039ax, Pavilion 15-p040tu, Pavilion 15-p041nr, Pavilion 15-p041tu, Pavilion 15-p042ax, Pavilion 15-p042nr, Pavilion 15-p043ax, Pavilion 15-p043cl, Pavilion 15-p043na, Pavilion 15-p043nr, Pavilion 15-p043tu, Pavilion 15-p044nr, Pavilion 15-p045nr, Pavilion 15-p045tx, Pavilion 15-p046na, Pavilion 15-p046nr, Pavilion 15-p047na, Pavilion 15-p048nr, Pavilion 15-p049na, Pavilion 15-p049nr, Pavilion 15-p050ca, Pavilion 15-p050nr, Pavilion 15-p051us, Pavilion 15-p053na, Pavilion 15-p055na, Pavilion 15-p055tx, Pavilion 15-p056tx, Pavilion 15-p057tx, Pavilion 15-p058tx, Pavilion 15-p060tx, Pavilion 15-p062tx, Pavilion 15-p064us, Pavilion 15-p065tx, Pavilion 15-p066tx, Pavilion 15-p066us, Pavilion 15-p067ca, Pavilion 15-p067tx, Pavilion 15-p068tx, Pavilion 15-p069tx, Pavilion 15-p071tx, Pavilion 15-P072NG, Pavilion 15-p072tx, Pavilion 15-p073tx, Pavilion 15-p074ca, Pavilion 15-p075na, Pavilion 15-p075sa, Pavilion 15-p076na, Pavilion 15-p076sa, Pavilion 15-p077na, Pavilion 15-p077sa, Pavilion 15-p077tx, Pavilion 15-p078na, Pavilion 15-p078sa, Pavilion 15-p080ca, Pavilion 15-p081ng, Pavilion 15-p081tx, Pavilion 15-p082nr, Pavilion 15-p083na, Pavilion 15-p083nr, Pavilion 15-p083sa, Pavilion 15-p083tx, Pavilion 15-p084ca, Pavilion 15-p085na, Pavilion 15-p085sa, Pavilion 15-p086na, Pavilion 15-p086sa, Pavilion 15-p086tx, Pavilion 15-p087ca, Pavilion 15-p087na, Pavilion 15-p087ng, Pavilion 15-p087sa, Pavilion 15-p088ca, Pavilion 15-p088na, Pavilion 15-p088ng, Pavilion 15-p088tx, Pavilion 15-p089ng, Pavilion 15-p089tx, Pavilion 15-p091na, Pavilion 15-p091sa, Pavilion 15-p091tx, Pavilion 15-p095tx, Pavilion 15-p096tx, Pavilion 15-p097tx, Pavilion 15-p100dx, Pavilion 15-p100na, Pavilion 15-p101ni, Pavilion 15-p102ni, Pavilion 15-p103ni, Pavilion 15-p104ni, Pavilion 15-p106na, Pavilion 15-p106ni, Pavilion 15-p107na, Pavilion 15-p107ni, Pavilion 15-p108ni, Pavilion 15-p109ni, Pavilion 15-p111ni, Pavilion 15-p111nr, Pavilion 15-p112ni, Pavilion 15-p114na, Pavilion 15-p115na, Pavilion 15-p117na, Pavilion 15-p120na, Pavilion 15-p130na, Pavilion 15-p130na, Pavilion 15-p131na, Pavilion 15-p132na, Pavilion 15-p133cl, Pavilion 15-p136na, Pavilion 15-p137na, Pavilion 15-p138na, Pavilion 15-p139na, Pavilion 15-p140na, Pavilion 15-p142na, Pavilion 15-p143cl, Pavilion 15-p144na, Pavilion 15-p145na, Pavilion 15-p147na, Pavilion 15-p148na, Pavilion 15-p150ca, Pavilion 15-p151na, Pavilion 15-p151nr, Pavilion 15-p151sa, Pavilion 15-p154na, Pavilion 15-p154sa, Pavilion 15-p156na, Pavilion 15-p157cl, Pavilion 15-p157na, Pavilion 15-p157sa, Pavilion 15-p158na, Pavilion 15-p158sa, Pavilion 15-p159na, Pavilion 15-p164ca, Pavilion 15-p165na, Pavilion 15-p165sa, Pavilion 15-p167ca, Pavilion 15-p167us, Pavilion 15-p168ca, Pavilion 15-p168na, Pavilion 15-p169na, Pavilion 15-p170na, Pavilion 15-p174na, Pavilion 15-p175na, Pavilion 15-p176na, Pavilion 15-p177na, Pavilion 15-p178na, Pavilion 15-p181ng, Pavilion 15-p183na, Pavilion 15-p183sa, Pavilion 15-p184ca, Pavilion 15-p185ng, Pavilion 15-p187ca, Pavilion 15-p189na, Pavilion 15-p189sa, Pavilion 15-p192ng, Pavilion 15-p193na, Pavilion 15-p194na, Pavilion 15-p196na, Pavilion 15-p199na, Pavilion 15-p199sa, Pavilion 15-p200nh, Pavilion 15-p200nq, Pavilion 15-p201AX, Pavilion 15-p201la, Pavilion 15-p201nf, Pavilion 15-p201TX, Pavilion 15-p201ur, Pavilion 15-p202TX, Pavilion 15-p202ur, Pavilion 15-p203la, Pavilion 15-p203nc, Pavilion 15-p203TX, Pavilion 15-p203ur, Pavilion 15-p204AU, Pavilion 15-p204la, Pavilion 15-p204nc, Pavilion 15-p204TX, Pavilion 15-p204ur, Pavilion 15-p205la, Pavilion 15-p205nw, Pavilion 15-p205TX, Pavilion 15-p205ur, Pavilion 15-p206TX, Pavilion 15-p207nc, Pavilion 15-p207nf, Pavilion 15-p207nl, Pavilion 15-p207tx, Pavilion 15-p207ur, Pavilion 15-p208AU, Pavilion 15-p208na, Pavilion 15-p208nc, Pavilion 15-p208TX, Pavilion 15-p209tx, Pavilion 15-p209ur, Pavilion 15-p210nf, Pavilion 15-p210nr, Pavilion 15-p210TX, Pavilion 15-p211n, Pavilion 15-p213cl, Pavilion 15-p213ur, Pavilion 15-p214AX, Pavilion 15-p214na, Pavilion 15-p214ur, Pavilion 15-p215n, Pavilion 15-p216AX, Pavilion 15-p217AX, Pavilion 15-p217ur, Pavilion 15-p218AX, Pavilion 15-p220AX, Pavilion 15-p221AX, Pavilion 15-p221nf, Pavilion 15-p221nr, Pavilion 15-p222nr, Pavilion 15-p223nr, Pavilion 15-p224na, Pavilion 15-p224nr, Pavilion 15-p225AX, Pavilion 15-p225na, Pavilion 15-p225nr, Pavilion 15-p226ng, Pavilion 15-p226nr, Pavilion 15-p227nr, Pavilion 15-p228ng, Pavilion 15-p229ax, Pavilion 15-p229sa, Pavilion 15-p231nr, Pavilion 15-p232nr, Pavilion 15-p233nr, Pavilion 15-p234nr, Pavilion 15-p234sa, Pavilion 15-p235nr, Pavilion 15-p236nr, Pavilion 15-p237nr, Pavilion 15-p239sa, Pavilion 15-p243no, Pavilion 15-p244nb, Pavilion 15-p244nz, Pavilion 15-p245no, Pavilion 15-p245sa, Pavilion 15-p246no, Pavilion 15-p246sa, Pavilion 15-p247no, Pavilion 15-p247sa, Pavilion 15-p248no, Pavilion 15-p248sa, Pavilion 15-p249sa, Pavilion 15-p250na, Pavilion 15-p250np, Pavilion 15-p250ns, Pavilion 15-p251na, Pavilion 15-p251no, Pavilion 15-p251ns, Pavilion 15-p251nt, Pavilion 15-p251nv, Pavilion 15-p251nx, Pavilion 15-p252na, Pavilion 15-p252np, Pavilion 15-p252ns, Pavilion 15-p253ns, Pavilion 15-p253nv, Pavilion 15-p254np, Pavilion 15-p254ns, Pavilion 15-p255nb, Pavilion 15-p255no, Pavilion 15-p256ns, Pavilion 15-p257na, Pavilion 15-p257ng, Pavilion 15-p257no, Pavilion 15-p257ns, Pavilion 15-p258na, Pavilion 15-p259ng, Pavilion 15-p259no, Pavilion 15-p259ns, Pavilion 15-p260ng, Pavilion 15-p260ns, Pavilion 15-p261n, Pavilion 15-p261na, Pavilion 15-p261nd, Pavilion 15-p261ns, Pavilion 15-p262nd, Pavilion 15-p262ns, Pavilion 15-p263ca, Pavilion 15-p263nd, Pavilion 15-p263no, Pavilion 15-p263nr, Pavilion 15-p263ns, Pavilion 15-p264na, Pavilion 15-p264ns, Pavilion 15-p265na, Pavilion 15-p265no, Pavilion 15-p265ns, Pavilion 15-p266nb, Pavilion 15-p267, Pavilion 15-p267no, Pavilion 15-p268no, Pavilion 15-p269no, Pavilion 15-p270na, Pavilion 15-p270no, Pavilion 15-p271na, Pavilion 15-p272na, Pavilion 15-p273na, Pavilion 15-p274na, Pavilion 15-p275na, Pavilion 15-p275no, Pavilion 15-p275TX, Pavilion 15-p276na, Pavilion 15-p276no, Pavilion 15-p276ny, Pavilion 15-p276tx, Pavilion 15-p277na, Pavilion 15-p277no, Pavilion 15-p277ny, Pavilion 15-p277TX, Pavilion 15-p278no, Pavilion 15-p278ny, Pavilion 15-p278TX, Pavilion 15-p279no, Pavilion 15-p280ny, Pavilion 15-p281ny, Pavilion 15-p284ca, Pavilion 15-p287na, Pavilion 15-p287sa, Pavilion 15-p289na, Pavilion 15-p289sa, Pavilion 15-p291no, Pavilion 15-p293na, Pavilion 15-p294na, Pavilion 15-p296na, Pavilion 15-p297na, Pavilion 15-p298na, Pavilion 15-p298nb, Pavilion 15-p299na, Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n216us

32GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 1-p242nl, Pavilion 15 (Intel 5th Gen), Pavilion 15-ABxxxx (Intel 5th Gen), Pavilion 15-p200nj, Pavilion 15-p200np, Pavilion 15-p201na, Pavilion 15-p201nj, Pavilion 15-p201nt, Pavilion 15-p201nw, Pavilion 15-p201TU, Pavilion 15-p202ne, Pavilion 15-p202ng, Pavilion 15-p202nj, Pavilion 15-p202nt, Pavilion 15-p202nv, Pavilion 15-p202TU, Pavilion 15-p203na, Pavilion 15-p203ne, Pavilion 15-p203nia, Pavilion 15-p203nj, Pavilion 15-p203ns, Pavilion 15-p203nv, Pavilion 15-p203TU, Pavilion 15-p204na, Pavilion 15-p204ng, Pavilion 15-p204nia, Pavilion 15-p204nt, Pavilion 15-p204TU, Pavilion 15-p205ne, Pavilion 15-p205nia, Pavilion 15-p205TU, Pavilion 15-p206na, Pavilion 15-p206ng, Pavilion 15-p206nk, Pavilion 15-p206nt, Pavilion 15-p207na, Pavilion 15-p207ne, Pavilion 15-p207ng, Pavilion 15-p207nt, Pavilion 15-p208ne, Pavilion 15-p208nk, Pavilion 15-p209ne, Pavilion 15-p209ng, Pavilion 15-p209nk, Pavilion 15-p209ns, Pavilion 15-p209nt, Pavilion 15-p210na, Pavilion 15-p210ne, Pavilion 15-p210nia, Pavilion 15-p210nk, Pavilion 15-p210nt, Pavilion 15-p210nz, Pavilion 15-p211na, Pavilion 15-p211ne, Pavilion 15-p211ng, Pavilion 15-p211nk, Pavilion 15-p211nt, Pavilion 15-p211TU, Pavilion 15-p211TX, Pavilion 15-p212na, Pavilion 15-p212ne, Pavilion 15-p212nia, Pavilion 15-p212nk, Pavilion 15-p212ns, Pavilion 15-p212nt, Pavilion 15-p212nx, Pavilion 15-p212TX, Pavilion 15-p213ne, Pavilion 15-p213ns, Pavilion 15-p213nt, Pavilion 15-p213TU, Pavilion 15-p213TX, Pavilion 15-p214dx, Pavilion 15-p214ne, Pavilion 15-p214np, Pavilion 15-p214nt, Pavilion 15-p215ne, Pavilion 15-p215ng, Pavilion 15-p215TU, Pavilion 15-p215ur, Pavilion 15-p216ne, Pavilion 15-p216TU, Pavilion 15-p217ne, Pavilion 15-p217ng, Pavilion 15-p217TU, Pavilion 15-p218ne, Pavilion 15-p219ne, Pavilion 15-p219nt, Pavilion 15-p219ur, Pavilion 15-p220na, Pavilion 15-p220ne, Pavilion 15-p220no, Pavilion 15-p220nr, Pavilion 15-p221na, Pavilion 15-p221ne, Pavilion 15-p221TX, Pavilion 15-p222na, Pavilion 15-p222TX, Pavilion 15-p223ng, Pavilion 15-p223TX, Pavilion 15-p224TX, Pavilion 15-p225TU, Pavilion 15-p225TX, Pavilion 15-p226TX, Pavilion 15-p227TX, Pavilion 15-p229na, Pavilion 15-p229ng, Pavilion 15-p230no, Pavilion 15-p230nz, Pavilion 15-p230TU, Pavilion 15-p231TU, Pavilion 15-p232ng, Pavilion 15-p234na, Pavilion 15-p234nd, Pavilion 15-p234nz, Pavilion 15-p234TU, Pavilion 15-p235ne, Pavilion 15-p235ng, Pavilion 15-p235nz, Pavilion 15-p235TU, Pavilion 15-p236ne, Pavilion 15-p236TU, Pavilion 15-p237na, Pavilion 15-p237ne, Pavilion 15-p237nf, Pavilion 15-p237TU, Pavilion 15-p238ne, Pavilion 15-p238ng, Pavilion 15-p238TU, Pavilion 15-p239na, Pavilion 15-p239ne, Pavilion 15-p240ne, Pavilion 15-p240TX, Pavilion 15-p241nd, Pavilion 15-p241ne, Pavilion 15-p241nf, Pavilion 15-p241no, Pavilion 15-p241TX, Pavilion 15-p242ne, Pavilion 15-p242nf, Pavilion 15-p242TX, Pavilion 15-p243ne, Pavilion 15-p243TX, Pavilion 15-p244ne, Pavilion 15-p245na, Pavilion 15-p245ne, Pavilion 15-p246na, Pavilion 15-p246ne, Pavilion 15-p246nl, Pavilion 15-p246TX, Pavilion 15-p247na, Pavilion 15-p247ne, Pavilion 15-p247TX, Pavilion 15-p248na, Pavilion 15-p248ne, Pavilion 15-p248nf, Pavilion 15-p248TX, Pavilion 15-p249na, Pavilion 15-p249ne, Pavilion 15-p249TX, Pavilion 15-p250nh, Pavilion 15-p250nl, Pavilion 15-p250nq, Pavilion 15-p250nu, Pavilion 15-p250nz, Pavilion 15-p250TU, Pavilion 15-p251nb, Pavilion 15-p251nl, Pavilion 15-p251nq, Pavilion 15-p251TX, Pavilion 15-p252n, Pavilion 15-p252nc, Pavilion 15-p252nq, Pavilion 15-p252nu, Pavilion 15-p252TX, Pavilion 15-p252ur, Pavilion 15-p253nc, Pavilion 15-p253nf, Pavilion 15-p253nh, Pavilion 15-p253nq, Pavilion 15-p253nu, Pavilion 15-p253TX, Pavilion 15-p253ur, Pavilion 15-p254nl, Pavilion 15-p254TX, Pavilion 15-p254ur, Pavilion 15-p255nz, Pavilion 15-p256nc, Pavilion 15-p256nz, Pavilion 15-p256ur, Pavilion 15-p257nc, Pavilion 15-p257nl, Pavilion 15-p257nz, Pavilion 15-p257TX, Pavilion 15-p258nl, Pavilion 15-p258TX, Pavilion 15-p258ur, Pavilion 15-p259nf, Pavilion 15-p259TX, Pavilion 15-p259ur, Pavilion 15-p260nb, Pavilion 15-p260ne, Pavilion 15-p260TX, Pavilion 15-p260ur, Pavilion 15-p261nb, Pavilion 15-p261ne, Pavilion 15-p261TX, Pavilion 15-p261ur, Pavilion 15-p262ne, Pavilion 15-p262TX, Pavilion 15-p263ne, Pavilion 15-p263nl, Pavilion 15-p263nz, Pavilion 15-p263TX, Pavilion 15-p263ur, Pavilion 15-p264ne, Pavilion 15-p264nl, Pavilion 15-p264ur, Pavilion 15-p265nf, Pavilion 15-p265TX, Pavilion 15-p265ur, Pavilion 15-p266ur, Pavilion 15-p267nf, Pavilion 15-p268nf, Pavilion 15-p268nr, Pavilion 15-p269TX, Pavilion 15-p269ur, Pavilion 15-p270TX, Pavilion 15-p270ur, Pavilion 15-p271nd, Pavilion 15-p271TX, Pavilion 15-p272nd, Pavilion 15-p272ng, Pavilion 15-p272TX, Pavilion 15-p273nd, Pavilion 15-p273TX, Pavilion 15-p274TX, Pavilion 15-p277nd, Pavilion 15-p279TX, Pavilion 15-p282nr, Pavilion 15-p282TX, Pavilion 15-p283nb, Pavilion 15-p283nr, Pavilion 15-p284TX, Pavilion 15-p284ur, Pavilion 15-p285ur, Pavilion 15-p287nd, Pavilion 15-p288TX, Pavilion 15-p290nb, Pavilion 15-p290nd, Pavilion 15-p290TX, Pavilion 15-p294nf, Pavilion 15-p294tx, Pavilion 15-p295nf, Pavilion 15-p295tx, Pavilion 15-p297nf, Pavilion 15-p298ng

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 15-e000ee, Pavilion 15-e000ex, Pavilion 15-e000se, Pavilion 15-e000sx, Pavilion 15-e002ee, Pavilion 15-e002se, Pavilion 15-e005sx, Pavilion 15-e008ee, Pavilion 15-e008se, Pavilion 15-e009ee, Pavilion 15-e009se, Pavilion 15-e011ex, Pavilion 15-e011nr, Pavilion 15-e012nr, Pavilion 15-e013nr, Pavilion 15-e014nr, Pavilion 15-e015nr, Pavilion 15-e016nr, Pavilion 15-e016wm, Pavilion 15-e018ex, Pavilion 15-e018nr, Pavilion 15-e018sx, Pavilion 15-e019ex, Pavilion 15-e019sx, Pavilion 15-e020ca, Pavilion 15-e020ex, Pavilion 15-e020nr, Pavilion 15-e020sx, Pavilion 15-e020us, Pavilion 15-e021ex, Pavilion 15-e021nr, Pavilion 15-e021sx, Pavilion 15-e023ex, Pavilion 15-e023sx, Pavilion 15-e025ex, Pavilion 15-e025sx, Pavilion 15-e026ex, Pavilion 15-e026sx, Pavilion 15-e027ca, Pavilion 15-e027cl, Pavilion 15-e028ex, Pavilion 15-e028sx, Pavilion 15-e028us, Pavilion 15-e033ca, Pavilion 15-e033ex, Pavilion 15-e039ex, Pavilion 15-e040ca, Pavilion 15-e041ca, Pavilion 15-e041ex, Pavilion 15-e043cl, Pavilion 15-e045ex, Pavilion 15-e046ex, Pavilion 15-e048ex, Pavilion 15-e049ca, Pavilion 15-e051ee, Pavilion 15-e051se, Pavilion 15-e053ca, Pavilion 15-e053ex, Pavilion 15-e054ee, Pavilion 15-e054se, Pavilion 15-e055ee, Pavilion 15-e055ex, Pavilion 15-e055se, Pavilion 15-e059ee, Pavilion 15-e059se, Pavilion 15-e060ee, Pavilion 15-e060se, Pavilion 15-e064se, Pavilion 15-e065se, Pavilion 15-e066se, Pavilion 15-e067se, Pavilion 15-e068ee, Pavilion 15-e068se, Pavilion 15-e071ee, Pavilion 15-e071nr, Pavilion 15-e071se, Pavilion 15-e072ee, Pavilion 15-e072nr, Pavilion 15-e072se, Pavilion 15-e073ca, Pavilion 15-e073ee, Pavilion 15-e073nr, Pavilion 15-e073se, Pavilion 15-e074ee, Pavilion 15-e074nr, Pavilion 15-e074se, Pavilion 15-e075ee, Pavilion 15-e075nr, Pavilion 15-e075se, Pavilion 15-e076ee, Pavilion 15-e076nr, Pavilion 15-e076se, Pavilion 15-e077ee, Pavilion 15-e077nr, Pavilion 15-e077se, Pavilion 15-e078ee, Pavilion 15-e078nr, Pavilion 15-e078se, Pavilion 15-e079ee, Pavilion 15-e079se, Pavilion 15-e080ee, Pavilion 15-e080se, Pavilion 15-e081ee, Pavilion 15-e081se, Pavilion 15-e082ee, Pavilion 15-e082se, Pavilion 15-e083se, Pavilion 15-e084ca, Pavilion 15-e084ee, Pavilion 15-e084se, Pavilion 15-e085ee, Pavilion 15-e085se, Pavilion 15-e086ee, Pavilion 15-e086se, Pavilion 15-e088ee, Pavilion 15-e088se, Pavilion 15-e089ee, Pavilion 15-e089se, Pavilion 15-e090ee, Pavilion 15-e090se, Pavilion 15-e091ee, Pavilion 15-e091se, Pavilion 15-e092ee, Pavilion 15-e099ca, Pavilion 15-e180nr, Pavilion 15-e181nr, Pavilion 15-e182nr, Pavilion 15-e183nr, Pavilion 15-e184nr, Pavilion 15-e185nr, Pavilion 15-e186nr, Pavilion 15-e188nr, Pavilion 15-e189nr, Pavilion 15-n030us, Pavilion 15-n031ea

8GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion 15 (Intel DDR3 Single Slot), Pavilion 15-p201nv, Pavilion 15-p207nz, Pavilion 15-p216nz, Pavilion 15-p220nz, Pavilion 15-p226nz, Pavilion 15-p236nz, Pavilion 15-p243na, Pavilion 15-p243nf, Pavilion 15-p243sa, Pavilion 15-p246nf, Pavilion 15-p248, Pavilion 15-p257nh