Pavilion dm1 series

4GB single memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm1 (AMD DDR3 1xxx/2xxx Series), Pavilion dm1 (Intel), Pavilion dm1-1001tu, Pavilion dm1-1002tu, Pavilion dm1-1003tu, Pavilion dm1-1005ef, Pavilion dm1-1005sf, Pavilion dm1-1005tu, Pavilion dm1-1006tu, Pavilion dm1-1010ec, Pavilion dm1-1010ef, Pavilion dm1-1010eg, Pavilion dm1-1010el, Pavilion dm1-1010eo, Pavilion dm1-1010et, Pavilion dm1-1010ev, Pavilion dm1-1010sa, Pavilion dm1-1010ss, Pavilion dm1-1010st, Pavilion dm1-1015ez, Pavilion dm1-1015ss, Pavilion dm1-1015tu, Pavilion dm1-1020ea, Pavilion dm1-1020ed, Pavilion dm1-1020er, Pavilion dm1-1020es, Pavilion dm1-1020ez, Pavilion dm1-1020sa, Pavilion dm1-1020sl, Pavilion dm1-1022tu, Pavilion dm1-1023tu, Pavilion dm1-1025tu, Pavilion dm1-1027tu, Pavilion dm1-1028tu, Pavilion dm1-1029tu, Pavilion dm1-1030eo, Pavilion dm1-1030es, Pavilion dm1-1030sa, Pavilion dm1-1030tu, Pavilion dm1-1031tu, Pavilion dm1-1090ev, Pavilion dm1-1100eo, Pavilion dm1-1101eo, Pavilion dm1-1101sa, Pavilion dm1-1101tu, Pavilion dm1-1102ea, Pavilion dm1-1102sa, Pavilion dm1-1102tu, Pavilion dm1-1103eo, Pavilion dm1-1103tu, Pavilion dm1-1105eo, Pavilion dm1-1109tu, Pavilion dm1-1110ea, Pavilion dm1-1110ef, Pavilion dm1-1110er, Pavilion dm1-1110ev, Pavilion dm1-1110sa, Pavilion dm1-1110ss, Pavilion dm1-1110sw, Pavilion dm1-1110tu, Pavilion dm1-1111ea, Pavilion dm1-1115ez, Pavilion dm1-1115tu, Pavilion dm1-1116tu, Pavilion dm1-1118tu, Pavilion dm1-1119tu, Pavilion dm1-1120ec, Pavilion dm1-1120ed, Pavilion dm1-1120ep, Pavilion dm1-1120ez, Pavilion dm1-1121tu, Pavilion dm1-1122tu, Pavilion dm1-1124tu, Pavilion dm1-1125tu, Pavilion dm1-1126tu, Pavilion dm1-1128tu, Pavilion dm1-1130tu, Pavilion dm1-1140ss, Pavilion dm1-1150sl, Pavilion dm1-1190ee, Pavilion dm1-2000ev, Pavilion dm1-2001au, Pavilion dm1-2002au, Pavilion dm1-2002nr, Pavilion dm1-2004au, Pavilion dm1-2005au, Pavilion dm1-2006au, Pavilion dm1-2009au, Pavilion dm1-2010au, Pavilion dm1-2010ed, Pavilion dm1-2010nr, Pavilion dm1-2010sa, Pavilion dm1-2010sf, Pavilion dm1-2010so, Pavilion dm1-2011au, Pavilion dm1-2011nr, Pavilion dm1-2013au, Pavilion dm1-2015sz, Pavilion dm1-2016au, Pavilion dm1-2017so, Pavilion dm1-2020eo, Pavilion dm1-2030ss, Pavilion dm1-2040ca, Pavilion dm1-2050ea, Pavilion dm1-2050er, Pavilion dm1-2060la, Pavilion dm1-2070la, Pavilion dm1-2101au, Pavilion dm1-2104au, Pavilion dm1-2105au, Pavilion dm1-2140ca, Pavilion dm1-4170us, Pavilion dm1z-2000 series, Pavilion dm1z-2100 series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm1 (AMD DDR3), Pavilion dm1-3000, Pavilion dm1-3000au, Pavilion dm1-3001au, Pavilion dm1-3010nr, Pavilion dm1-3011n, Pavilion dm1-3020us, Pavilion dm1-3023nr, Pavilion dm1-3025dx, Pavilion dm1-3040ca, Pavilion dm1-3100sa, Pavilion dm1-3101ea, Pavilion dm1-3180eg, Pavilion dm1-3200, Pavilion dm1-3200sa, Pavilion dm1-3201sa, Pavilion dm1-3210us, Pavilion dm1-3211au, Pavilion dm1-3214nr, Pavilion dm1-3240ca, Pavilion dm1-3245ca, Pavilion dm1-3248ca, Pavilion dm1-3280eg, Pavilion dm1-4001, Pavilion dm1-4004sa, Pavilion dm1-4010us, Pavilion dm1-4013nr, Pavilion dm1-4018ca, Pavilion dm1-4020ea, Pavilion dm1-4020sa, Pavilion dm1-4027ea, Pavilion dm1-4027sa, Pavilion dm1-4050us, Pavilion dm1-4051, Pavilion dm1-4054nr, Pavilion dm1-4100ed, Pavilion dm1-4100eg, Pavilion dm1-4100en, Pavilion dm1-4100eo, Pavilion dm1-4100er, Pavilion dm1-4100sb, Pavilion dm1-4100sc, Pavilion dm1-4100sd, Pavilion dm1-4100sg, Pavilion dm1-4101er, Pavilion dm1-4101sr, Pavilion dm1-4102tu, Pavilion dm1-4104au, Pavilion dm1-4110ed, Pavilion dm1-4110en, Pavilion dm1-4110eo, Pavilion dm1-4110et, Pavilion dm1-4110ez, Pavilion dm1-4110sb, Pavilion dm1-4110sd, Pavilion dm1-4110sg, Pavilion dm1-4111au, Pavilion dm1-4111ej, Pavilion dm1-4114au, Pavilion dm1-4114tu, Pavilion dm1-4115eo, Pavilion dm1-4117sz, Pavilion dm1-4118au, Pavilion dm1-4120eo, Pavilion dm1-4120es, Pavilion dm1-4120ew, Pavilion dm1-4120ez, Pavilion dm1-4120sc, Pavilion dm1-4120ss, Pavilion dm1-4120tu, Pavilion dm1-4122au, Pavilion dm1-4123ca, Pavilion dm1-4125ea, Pavilion dm1-4125sa, Pavilion dm1-4126sa, Pavilion dm1-4130sf, Pavilion dm1-4130ss, Pavilion dm1-4131ef, Pavilion dm1-4133ef, Pavilion dm1-4135ef, Pavilion dm1-4136sf, Pavilion dm1-4139sd, Pavilion dm1-4140es, Pavilion dm1-4140sf, Pavilion dm1-4140ss, Pavilion dm1-4140sw, Pavilion dm1-4142nr, Pavilion dm1-4150la, Pavilion dm1-4150sp, Pavilion dm1-4151er, Pavilion dm1-4151nr, Pavilion dm1-4151sr, Pavilion dm1-4160ca, Pavilion dm1-4170la, Pavilion dm1-4171nr, Pavilion dm1-4172la, Pavilion dm1-4175ea, Pavilion dm1-4175nr, Pavilion dm1-4175sa, Pavilion dm1-4190br, Pavilion dm1-4190eo, Pavilion dm1-4190la, Pavilion dm1-4200sa, Pavilion dm1-4210us, Pavilion dm1-4211nr, Pavilion dm1-4269ca, Pavilion dm1-4280eg, Pavilion dm1-4300sa, Pavilion dm1-4310nr, Pavilion dm1-4341ea, Pavilion dm1-4341sa, Pavilion dm1-4400sa, Pavilion dm1-4401sa, Pavilion dm1-4402sa, Pavilion dm1z-3000 series, Pavilion dm1z-3200 series, Pavilion dm1z-4000 series, Pavilion dm1z-4200 CTO, Pavilion dm1z-4300

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