Pavilion dm3 series

4GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm3-1126ax, Pavilion dm3-1131nr,

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm3-1001tu, Pavilion dm3-1002ax, Pavilion dm3-1002tu, Pavilion dm3-1006ax, Pavilion dm3-1007au, Pavilion dm3-1007ax, Pavilion dm3-1008ax, Pavilion dm3-1009ax, Pavilion dm3-1015tx, Pavilion dm3-1016tu, Pavilion dm3-1017tx, Pavilion dm3-1018tx, Pavilion dm3-1026tx, Pavilion dm3-1030ea, Pavilion dm3-1030sa, Pavilion dm3-1030us, Pavilion dm3-1030wm, Pavilion dm3-1034tx, Pavilion dm3-1040us, Pavilion dm3-1044nr, Pavilion dm3-1047cl, Pavilion dm3-1047nr, Pavilion dm3-1050ee, Pavilion dm3-1070ea, Pavilion dm3-1103au, Pavilion dm3-1104tu, Pavilion dm3-1104tx, Pavilion dm3-1105ea, Pavilion dm3-1105tu, Pavilion dm3-1116tx, Pavilion dm3-1124tx, Pavilion dm3-1125tx, Pavilion dm3-1126tx, Pavilion dm3-1127eo, Pavilion dm3-1128eo, Pavilion dm3-1128tx, Pavilion dm3-1129eo, Pavilion dm3-1129tx, Pavilion dm3-1130ca, Pavilion dm3-1130ed, Pavilion dm3-1130ef, Pavilion dm3-1130eg, Pavilion dm3-1130eo, Pavilion dm3-1130er, Pavilion dm3-1130us, Pavilion dm3-1131tx, Pavilion dm3-1132tx, Pavilion dm3-1135eo, Pavilion dm3-1135er, Pavilion dm3-1140ei, Pavilion dm3-1140er, Pavilion dm3-1140ez, Pavilion dm3-1140us, Pavilion dm3-1145er, Pavilion dm3-1148la, Pavilion dm3-1150ee, Pavilion dm3-1150ef, Pavilion dm3-1150ek, Pavilion dm3-1150el, Pavilion dm3-1155ea, Pavilion dm3-1160ef, Pavilion dm3-1170es, Pavilion dm3-1180ee, Pavilion dm3-1190ee, Pavilion dm3-1190eo, Pavilion dm3-2005eo, Pavilion dm3-2010ed, Pavilion dm3-2010eo, Pavilion dm3-2010sa, Pavilion dm3-2010us, Pavilion dm3-2015er, Pavilion dm3-2020eo, Pavilion dm3-2020er, Pavilion dm3-2030er, Pavilion dm3-2040ea, Pavilion dm3-2040eo, Pavilion dm3-2110sa, Pavilion dm3-3010ca, Pavilion dm3-3010us, Pavilion dm3-3011nr, Pavilion dm3-3012nr, Pavilion dm3-3027cl, Pavilion dm3-3110us, Pavilion dm3-3112nr, Pavilion dm3-3130ca, Pavilion dm3t Series, Pavilion dm3z Series, Pavilion dm3z Series (DDR3)

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