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Pavilion dm4 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm4-3000ea, Pavilion dm4-3000sa, Pavilion dm4-3000tx, Pavilion dm4-3001tu, Pavilion dm4-3001tx, Pavilion dm4-3002ea, Pavilion dm4-3002sa, Pavilion dm4-3003sa, Pavilion dm4-3003tx, Pavilion dm4-3005tx, Pavilion dm4-3007tx, Pavilion dm4-3010tx, Pavilion dm4-3013cl, Pavilion dm4-3013tx, Pavilion dm4-3025tx, Pavilion dm4-3050us, Pavilion dm4-3052nr, Pavilion dm4-3055dx, Pavilion dm4-3056nr, Pavilion dm4-3070ca, Pavilion dm4-3080la, Pavilion dm4-3085la, Pavilion dm4-3090ca, Pavilion dm4-3090se, Pavilion dm4-3095la, Pavilion dm4-3099se, Pavilion dm4-3103tx, Pavilion dm4-3104tu, Pavilion dm4-3105tx, Pavilion dm4-3106tx, Pavilion dm4-3107tx, Pavilion dm4-3111tx, Pavilion dm4-3112tx, Pavilion dm4-3113tx, Pavilion dm4-3114tx, Pavilion dm4-3115tx, Pavilion dm4-3116tx, Pavilion dm4-3117tx, Pavilion dm4-3118tx, Pavilion dm4-3170se, Pavilion dm4-3177nr, Pavilion dm4-3180la, Pavilion dm4-3182la, Pavilion dm4-31xx (Intel Series), Pavilion dm4t-3000 CTO

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dm4 (Intel DDR3), Pavilion dm4-1000, Pavilion dm4-1001tu, Pavilion dm4-1001tx, Pavilion dm4-1002tu, Pavilion dm4-1002tx, Pavilion dm4-1004tu, Pavilion dm4-1004xx, Pavilion dm4-1006tu, Pavilion dm4-1006tx, Pavilion dm4-1008tu, Pavilion dm4-1008tx, Pavilion dm4-1009tx, Pavilion dm4-1010eg, Pavilion dm4-1010tx, Pavilion dm4-1012tx, Pavilion dm4-1013tx, Pavilion dm4-1014tx, Pavilion dm4-1016tx, Pavilion dm4-1017tx, Pavilion dm4-1018tx, Pavilion dm4-1019tx, Pavilion dm4-1020tx, Pavilion dm4-1021tx, Pavilion dm4-1022tx, Pavilion dm4-1023tx, Pavilion dm4-1024tx, Pavilion dm4-1027tx, Pavilion dm4-1028tx, Pavilion dm4-1029tx, Pavilion dm4-1030ez, Pavilion dm4-1030tx, Pavilion dm4-1031tx, Pavilion dm4-1034tx, Pavilion dm4-1035tx, Pavilion dm4-1047tx, Pavilion dm4-1048tx, Pavilion dm4-1050ca, Pavilion dm4-1050ea, Pavilion dm4-1050et, Pavilion dm4-1050so, Pavilion dm4-1050ss, Pavilion dm4-1060ea, Pavilion dm4-1060ee, Pavilion dm4-1060sf, Pavilion dm4-1060ss, Pavilion dm4-1060us, Pavilion dm4-1062nr, Pavilion dm4-1063cl, Pavilion dm4-1063he, Pavilion dm4-1065dx, Pavilion dm4-1070ee, Pavilion dm4-1070ef, Pavilion dm4-1070sf, Pavilion dm4-1080ea, Pavilion dm4-1080ee, Pavilion dm4-1090ee, Pavilion dm4-1090la, Pavilion dm4-1100sa, Pavilion dm4-1101ea, Pavilion dm4-1111tx, Pavilion dm4-1120tx, Pavilion dm4-1121tx, Pavilion dm4-1140sa, Pavilion dm4-1150ca, Pavilion dm4-1150ea, Pavilion dm4-1160us, Pavilion dm4-1162us, Pavilion dm4-1164nr, Pavilion dm4-1165dx, Pavilion dm4-1173cl, Pavilion dm4-1200, Pavilion dm4-1201us, Pavilion dm4-1211tx, Pavilion dm4-1250ca, Pavilion dm4-1253cl, Pavilion dm4-1265dx, Pavilion dm4-1273ca, Pavilion dm4-1275ca, Pavilion dm4-1277sb, Pavilion dm4-1300ea, Pavilion dm4-2000, Pavilion dm4-2000ea, Pavilion dm4-2015dx, Pavilion dm4-2033cl, Pavilion dm4-2050us, Pavilion dm4-2053ca, Pavilion dm4-2055ca, Pavilion dm4-2058ca, Pavilion dm4-2070us, Pavilion dm4-2074nr, Pavilion dm4-2101ea, Pavilion dm4-2101sa, Pavilion dm4-2153ca, Pavilion dm4-2165dx, Pavilion dm4-2180ca, Pavilion dm4-2180us, Pavilion dm4-2181nr, Pavilion dm4-2184nr, Pavilion dm4-2185ca, Pavilion dm4-2191us, Pavilion dm4t-1000 CTO, Pavilion dm4t-2000 CTO

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