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Pavilion dv3 series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dv3 Series (DDR3), Pavilion dv3-2115ea, Pavilion dv3-2120ea, Pavilion dv3-2123tx, Pavilion dv3-2130ea, Pavilion dv3-2301tx, Pavilion dv3-2302tu, Pavilion dv3-2302tx, Pavilion dv3-2303tu, Pavilion dv3-2304tx, Pavilion dv3-2307tx, Pavilion dv3-2309tx, Pavilion dv3-2310ea, Pavilion dv3-2310er, Pavilion dv3-2310sw, Pavilion dv3-2310tx, Pavilion dv3-2312tx, Pavilion dv3-2313tx, Pavilion dv3-2314tx, Pavilion dv3-2315tx, Pavilion dv3-2316tx, Pavilion dv3-2320ep, Pavilion dv3-2320es, Pavilion dv3-2320tx, Pavilion dv3-2321tx, Pavilion dv3-2322tx, Pavilion dv3-2325tx, Pavilion dv3-2326tx, Pavilion dv3-2328tx, Pavilion dv3-2331tx, Pavilion dv3-2332tx, Pavilion dv3-2340ez, Pavilion dv3-2350ed, Pavilion dv3-2350ee, Pavilion dv3-2350el, Pavilion dv3-2355ee, Pavilion dv3-2360ee, Pavilion dv3-2370ee, Pavilion dv3-2380ee, Pavilion dv3-2390eg, Pavilion dv3-2390eo, Pavilion dv3-4000sb, Pavilion dv3-4001tx, Pavilion dv3-4002tx, Pavilion dv3-4003tx, Pavilion dv3-4004tx, Pavilion dv3-4005tx, Pavilion dv3-4006tx, Pavilion dv3-4007tx, Pavilion dv3-4010em, Pavilion dv3-4010sg, Pavilion dv3-4010sl, Pavilion dv3-4010tx, Pavilion dv3-4016tx, Pavilion dv3-4019tx, Pavilion dv3-4020sp, Pavilion dv3-4020tx, Pavilion dv3-4025er, Pavilion dv3-4026tx, Pavilion dv3-4027tx, Pavilion dv3-4028tx, Pavilion dv3-4029tx, Pavilion dv3-4030er, Pavilion dv3-4030tx, Pavilion dv3-4034tx, Pavilion dv3-4035tx, Pavilion dv3-4036tx, Pavilion dv3-4037ee, Pavilion dv3-4037tx, Pavilion dv3-4038ee, Pavilion dv3-4039tx, Pavilion dv3-4040eo, Pavilion dv3-4042tx, Pavilion dv3-4043tx, Pavilion dv3-4044tx, Pavilion dv3-4045eo, Pavilion dv3-4045tx, Pavilion dv3-4046tx, Pavilion dv3-4047tx, Pavilion dv3-4048tx, Pavilion dv3-4049tx, Pavilion dv3-4050ea, Pavilion dv3-4050ec, Pavilion dv3-4050eo, Pavilion dv3-4050et, Pavilion dv3-4050ez, Pavilion dv3-4050sp, Pavilion dv3-4050ss, Pavilion dv3-4052tx, Pavilion dv3-4053tx, Pavilion dv3-4054tx, Pavilion dv3-4055tx, Pavilion dv3-4060ee, Pavilion dv3-4060eo, Pavilion dv3-4060es, Pavilion dv3-4061ee, Pavilion dv3-4065tx, Pavilion dv3-4070ee, Pavilion dv3-4070ss, Pavilion dv3-4071ee, Pavilion dv3-4080ss, Pavilion dv3-4100ej, Pavilion dv3-4100sa, Pavilion dv3-4101sl, Pavilion dv3-4103tx, Pavilion dv3-4105tx, Pavilion dv3-4106tx, Pavilion dv3-4107tx, Pavilion dv3-4108tx, Pavilion dv3-4130ss, Pavilion dv3-4131tx, Pavilion dv3-4207tx, Pavilion dv3-4208tx, Pavilion dv3-4300ei, Pavilion dv3-4300ej, Pavilion dv3-4300ek, Pavilion dv3-4300eo, Pavilion dv3-4300et, Pavilion dv3-4300sa, Pavilion dv3-4300si, Pavilion dv3-4300st, Pavilion dv3-4302ea, Pavilion dv3-4302ei, Pavilion dv3-4302si, Pavilion dv3-4303ee, Pavilion dv3-4303se, Pavilion dv3-4305ee, Pavilion dv3-4305se, Pavilion dv3-4310ed, Pavilion dv3-4310ej, Pavilion dv3-4310el, Pavilion dv3-4310eo, Pavilion dv3-4310et, Pavilion dv3-4310ew, Pavilion dv3-4310st, Pavilion dv3-4320eb, Pavilion dv3-4320ec, Pavilion dv3-4320et, Pavilion dv3-4320ss, Pavilion dv3-4320st, Pavilion dv3-4321ep, Pavilion dv3-4325er, Pavilion dv3-4326sr, Pavilion dv3-4333ej, Pavilion dv3-4333ez, Pavilion dv3-4340ss, Pavilion dv3-4350en, Pavilion dv3-4350ez, Pavilion dv3-4395ej

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