Pavilion dv7 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion DV7 6C80US, Pavilion DV7 6C90US, Pavilion dv7-3190ei, Pavilion dv7-4065ei, Pavilion dv7-4065si, Pavilion dv7-4105tx, Pavilion dv7-4106tx, Pavilion dv7-4107tx, Pavilion dv7-4112tx, Pavilion dv7-6004tx, Pavilion dv7-6005tx, Pavilion dv7-6051ei, Pavilion dv7-6051si, Pavilion dv7-6100ei, Pavilion dv7-6101ei, Pavilion dv7-6103ei, Pavilion dv7-6103tx, Pavilion dv7-6104tx, Pavilion dv7-6120ei, Pavilion dv7-6123cl, Pavilion dv7-6135dx, Pavilion dv7-6143cl, Pavilion dv7-6156nr, Pavilion dv7-6157nr, Pavilion dv7-6158ca, Pavilion dv7-6160ca, Pavilion dv7-6163cl, Pavilion dv7-6163us, Pavilion dv7-6170ei, Pavilion dv7-6171ei, Pavilion dv7-6175us, Pavilion dv7-6178us, Pavilion dv7-6179us, Pavilion dv7-6185us, Pavilion dv7-6187cl, Pavilion dv7-6191nr, Pavilion dv7-6193ca, Pavilion dv7-6195us, Pavilion dv7-6199us, Pavilion dv7-6b00tx, Pavilion dv7-6b01tx, Pavilion dv7-6b02tx, Pavilion dv7-6b32us, Pavilion dv7-6b50ea, Pavilion dv7-6b50ei, Pavilion dv7-6b51ea, Pavilion dv7-6b51ei, Pavilion dv7-6b53ei, Pavilion dv7-6b55dx, Pavilion dv7-6b56nr, Pavilion dv7-6b57ea, Pavilion dv7-6b57nr, Pavilion dv7-6b62ef, Pavilion dv7-6b63us, Pavilion dv7-6b70ef, Pavilion dv7-6b71nr, Pavilion dv7-6b73ef, Pavilion dv7-6b73nr, Pavilion dv7-6b75nr, Pavilion dv7-6b77dx, Pavilion dv7-6b78us, Pavilion dv7-6b91nr, Pavilion dv7-6b95sf, Pavilion dv7-6b99ef, Pavilion dv7-6b99sf, Pavilion dv7-6c01ea, Pavilion dv7-6c20us, Pavilion dv7-6c23cl, Pavilion dv7-6c43cl, Pavilion dv7-6c50ca, Pavilion dv7-6c50ei, Pavilion dv7-6c51ei, Pavilion dv7-6c52ea, Pavilion dv7-6c54ea, Pavilion dv7-6c54ei, Pavilion dv7-6c60us, Pavilion dv7-6c63nr, Pavilion dv7-6c64nr, Pavilion dv7-6c66nr, Pavilion dv7-6c70ca, Pavilion dv7-6c80us, Pavilion dv7-6c90us, Pavilion dv7-6c95dx, Pavilion dv7-6c95ex, Pavilion dv7-7000ee, Pavilion dv7-7000eo, Pavilion dv7-7000er, Pavilion dv7-7000ev, Pavilion dv7-7000se, Pavilion dv7-7000sg, Pavilion dv7-7001em, Pavilion dv7-7001er, Pavilion dv7-7001et, Pavilion dv7-7001ev, Pavilion dv7-7001sg, Pavilion dv7-7002el, Pavilion dv7-7002sp, Pavilion dv7-7003eo, Pavilion dv7-7003er, Pavilion dv7-7003sp, Pavilion dv7-7003ss, Pavilion dv7-7003tx, Pavilion dv7-7004er, Pavilion dv7-7004sl, Pavilion dv7-7005eo, Pavilion dv7-7005er, Pavilion dv7-7005tx, Pavilion dv7-7006er, Pavilion dv7-7006ss, Pavilion dv7-7006tx, Pavilion dv7-7007ss, Pavilion dv7-7007tx, Pavilion dv7-7008tx, Pavilion dv7-7010us, Pavilion dv7-7012nr, Pavilion dv7-7015ca, Pavilion dv7-7020ec, Pavilion dv7-7020eo, Pavilion dv7-7020us, Pavilion dv7-7022eo, Pavilion dv7-7023cl, Pavilion dv7-7025dx, Pavilion dv7-7027cl, Pavilion dv7-7030ei, Pavilion dv7-7030us, Pavilion dv7-7035ez, Pavilion dv7-7040ez, Pavilion dv7-7044eo, Pavilion dv7-7047cl, Pavilion dv7-7050sb, Pavilion dv7-7051xx, Pavilion dv7-7057ez, Pavilion dv7-7060eb, Pavilion dv7-7060sb, Pavilion dv7-7061ea, Pavilion dv7-7061sf, Pavilion dv7-7062ea, Pavilion dv7-7063ea, Pavilion dv7-7064ea, Pavilion dv7-7065sf, Pavilion dv7-7070eo, Pavilion dv7-7070ez, Pavilion dv7-7071ef, Pavilion dv7-7071sf, Pavilion dv7-7073ca, Pavilion dv7-7080eb, Pavilion dv7-7080el, Pavilion dv7-7080eo, Pavilion dv7-7081eg, Pavilion dv7-7082eg, Pavilion dv7-7090ef, Pavilion dv7-7090sf, Pavilion dv7-7099ef, Pavilion dv7-7099el, Pavilion dv7-7099sf, Pavilion dv7-7100ei, Pavilion dv7-7102ei, Pavilion dv7-7106ei, Pavilion dv7-7115nr, Pavilion dv7-7121nr, Pavilion dv7-7126nr, Pavilion dv7-7128nr, Pavilion dv7-7133nr, Pavilion dv7-7135us, Pavilion dv7-71xx (AMD Series), Pavilion dv7-71xx (Intel Series), Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition Series, Pavilion dv7t-6100 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-6100 CTO Quad Edition, Pavilion dv7t-7 Series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dv7-2205eb, Pavilion dv7-2206tx, Pavilion dv7-2225ef, Pavilion dv7-2230ea, Pavilion dv7-2270us, Pavilion dv7-2273cl, Pavilion dv7-2277cl, Pavilion dv7-2290eo, Pavilion dv7-2301nr, Pavilion dv7-3020ea, Pavilion dv7-3020sa, Pavilion dv7-3080us, Pavilion dv7-3085dx, Pavilion dv7-3105ea, Pavilion dv7-3110ea, Pavilion dv7-3111ea, Pavilion dv7-3126tx, Pavilion dv7-3127tx, Pavilion dv7-3133el, Pavilion dv7-3140eb, Pavilion dv7-3155eb, Pavilion dv7-3155el, Pavilion dv7-3160eb, Pavilion dv7-3160el, Pavilion dv7-3160ep, Pavilion dv7-3165eb, Pavilion dv7-3166eb, Pavilion dv7-3174ca, Pavilion dv7-3178ca, Pavilion dv7-3180us, Pavilion dv7-3183cl, Pavilion dv7-3186cl, Pavilion dv7-3187cl, Pavilion dv7-3188cl, Pavilion dv7-4000eh, Pavilion dv7-4000sb, Pavilion dv7-4004ez, Pavilion dv7-4005so, Pavilion dv7-4005sw, Pavilion dv7-4006so, Pavilion dv7-4007eo, Pavilion dv7-4008ca, Pavilion dv7-4008tx, Pavilion dv7-4010em, Pavilion dv7-4010ev, Pavilion dv7-4010sd, Pavilion dv7-4010sg, Pavilion dv7-4010sl, Pavilion dv7-4010so, Pavilion dv7-4010sv, Pavilion dv7-4010sw, Pavilion dv7-4011eg, Pavilion dv7-4011el, Pavilion dv7-4011so, Pavilion dv7-4012eg, Pavilion dv7-4013eg, Pavilion dv7-4013el, Pavilion dv7-4013so, Pavilion dv7-4014eo, Pavilion dv7-4015ew, Pavilion dv7-4015ez, Pavilion dv7-4015sa, Pavilion dv7-4015sl, Pavilion dv7-4015ss, Pavilion dv7-4017ez, Pavilion dv7-4020ec, Pavilion dv7-4020em, Pavilion dv7-4020es, Pavilion dv7-4020ew, Pavilion dv7-4020sa, Pavilion dv7-4020sd, Pavilion dv7-4021so, Pavilion dv7-4021tx, Pavilion dv7-4022ez, Pavilion dv7-4022so, Pavilion dv7-4022tx, Pavilion dv7-4023so, Pavilion dv7-4025eo, Pavilion dv7-4025ew, Pavilion dv7-4025ss, Pavilion dv7-4026eo, Pavilion dv7-4027so, Pavilion dv7-4029tx, Pavilion dv7-4030em, Pavilion dv7-4030er, Pavilion dv7-4030ew, Pavilion dv7-4030ss, Pavilion dv7-4031sd, Pavilion dv7-4031tx, Pavilion dv7-4032eo, Pavilion dv7-4035sa, Pavilion dv7-4035so, Pavilion dv7-4035tx, Pavilion dv7-4038ca, Pavilion dv7-4040ed, Pavilion dv7-4040sa, Pavilion dv7-4040sb, Pavilion dv7-4040sf, Pavilion dv7-4040sp, Pavilion dv7-4040ss, Pavilion dv7-4045ea, Pavilion dv7-4045er, Pavilion dv7-4047ea, Pavilion dv7-4050ec, Pavilion dv7-4050ed, Pavilion dv7-4050ei, Pavilion dv7-4050em, Pavilion dv7-4050eo, Pavilion dv7-4050er, Pavilion dv7-4050ez, Pavilion dv7-4050sg, Pavilion dv7-4050sy, Pavilion dv7-4051nr, Pavilion dv7-4051sg, Pavilion dv7-4052sg, Pavilion dv7-4053cl, Pavilion dv7-4053eg, Pavilion dv7-4054ca, Pavilion dv7-4054eg, Pavilion dv7-4055sg, Pavilion dv7-4057ca, Pavilion dv7-4057sf, Pavilion dv7-4058ca, Pavilion dv7-4060eb, Pavilion dv7-4060em, Pavilion dv7-4060si, Pavilion dv7-4060us, Pavilion dv7-4061nr, Pavilion dv7-4065dx, Pavilion dv7-4065ez, Pavilion dv7-4065sf, Pavilion dv7-4069wm, Pavilion dv7-4070eb, Pavilion dv7-4070eo, Pavilion dv7-4070er, Pavilion dv7-4070ez, Pavilion dv7-4070sf, Pavilion dv7-4070us, Pavilion dv7-4071nr, Pavilion dv7-4073ca, Pavilion dv7-4073nr, Pavilion dv7-4074ca, Pavilion dv7-4075sf, Pavilion dv7-4077cl, Pavilion dv7-4078ca, Pavilion dv7-4080er, Pavilion dv7-4080ss, Pavilion dv7-4080us, Pavilion dv7-4083cl, Pavilion dv7-4085es, Pavilion dv7-4085sf, Pavilion dv7-4087cl, Pavilion dv7-4090ca, Pavilion dv7-4090eb, Pavilion dv7-4090ef, Pavilion dv7-4090es, Pavilion dv7-4090sf, Pavilion dv7-4091sf, Pavilion dv7-4104ca, Pavilion dv7-4127ca, Pavilion dv7-4130sa, Pavilion dv7-4131sa, Pavilion dv7-4132ea, Pavilion dv7-4138ca, Pavilion dv7-4140ea, Pavilion dv7-4141sa, Pavilion dv7-4143ea, Pavilion dv7-4144ea, Pavilion dv7-4148ca, Pavilion dv7-4150ea, Pavilion dv7-4151nr, Pavilion dv7-4153cl, Pavilion dv7-4154ca, Pavilion dv7-4157cl, Pavilion dv7-4165dx, Pavilion dv7-4167ca, Pavilion dv7-4169wm, Pavilion dv7-4170us, Pavilion dv7-4171us, Pavilion dv7-4173us, Pavilion dv7-4174ca, Pavilion dv7-4177ca, Pavilion dv7-4177nr, Pavilion dv7-4178ca, Pavilion dv7-4178nr, Pavilion dv7-4179nr, Pavilion dv7-4180ea, Pavilion dv7-4180us, Pavilion dv7-4182nr, Pavilion dv7-4183cl, Pavilion dv7-4190us, Pavilion dv7-4191nr, Pavilion dv7-4197cl, Pavilion dv7-4198ca, Pavilion dv7-4223ca, Pavilion dv7-4248ca, Pavilion dv7-4260ca, Pavilion dv7-4263cl, Pavilion dv7-4264ca, Pavilion dv7-4267cl, Pavilion dv7-4269wm, Pavilion dv7-4270us, Pavilion dv7-4272us, Pavilion dv7-4273us, Pavilion dv7-4274nr, Pavilion dv7-4276nr, Pavilion dv7-4277nr, Pavilion dv7-4278nr, Pavilion dv7-4280us, Pavilion dv7-4283cl, Pavilion dv7-4285dx, Pavilion dv7-4287cl, Pavilion dv7-4288ca, Pavilion dv7-4289us, Pavilion dv7-4290us, Pavilion dv7-4293nr, Pavilion dv7-4294nr, Pavilion dv7-4295us, Pavilion dv7-4296nr, Pavilion dv7-4297cl, Pavilion dv7-4320el, Pavilion dv7-5000ea, Pavilion dv7-5070ca, Pavilion dv7-6002sa, Pavilion dv7-6004ea, Pavilion dv7-6050ea, Pavilion dv7-6051ea, Pavilion dv7-6070ca, Pavilion dv7-6081eg, Pavilion dv7-6101sa, Pavilion dv7-6102ea, Pavilion dv7-6102sa, Pavilion dv7-6103ea, Pavilion dv7-6113cl, Pavilion dv7-6153ea, Pavilion dv7-6153nr, Pavilion dv7-6154ea, Pavilion dv7-6154nr, Pavilion dv7-6157cl, Pavilion dv7-6165us, Pavilion dv7-6166nr, Pavilion dv7-6168nr, Pavilion dv7-6169nr, Pavilion dv7-6184ca, Pavilion dv7-6188ca, Pavilion dv7-6197ca, Pavilion dv7-6b04ea, Pavilion dv7-6b05ea, Pavilion dv7-6b13eo, Pavilion dv7t Select Edition, Pavilion dv7t Series (Intel Core 2 Duo - DDR3), Pavilion dv7t-2200 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-3000 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-3100 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-3300 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-4000 CTO, Pavilion dv7z Series (DDR3)

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