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Pavilion dv8 series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion dv8-1000eb, Pavilion dv8-1003tx, Pavilion dv8-1005tx, Pavilion dv8-1007tx, Pavilion dv8-1010el, Pavilion dv8-1010er, Pavilion dv8-1010tx, Pavilion dv8-1050eg, Pavilion dv8-1050ep, Pavilion dv8-1050es, Pavilion dv8-1080ea, Pavilion dv8-1080ed, Pavilion dv8-1080ez, Pavilion dv8-1090ef, Pavilion dv8-1090ev, Pavilion dv8-1090ez, Pavilion dv8-1093ca, Pavilion dv8-1099eo, Pavilion dv8-1100eb, Pavilion dv8-1107tx, Pavilion dv8-1108tx, Pavilion dv8-1110ea, Pavilion dv8-1110eb, Pavilion dv8-1110sw, Pavilion dv8-1140ep, Pavilion dv8-1150el, Pavilion dv8-1150ep, Pavilion dv8-1150er, Pavilion dv8-1150es, Pavilion dv8-1150et, Pavilion dv8-1177ez, Pavilion dv8-1180ed, Pavilion dv8-1180eg, Pavilion dv8-1180eo, Pavilion dv8-1180ez, Pavilion dv8-1190ee, Pavilion dv8-1190ef, Pavilion dv8-1190eg, Pavilion dv8-1190eo, Pavilion dv8-1190ez, Pavilion dv8-1200 CTO, Pavilion dv8-1200eb, Pavilion dv8-1200ed, Pavilion dv8-1210ef, Pavilion dv8-1210eg, Pavilion dv8-1220eg, Pavilion dv8-1250ea, Pavilion dv8-1250er, Pavilion dv8-1250es, Pavilion dv8-1250et, Pavilion dv8-1277ez, Pavilion dv8-1280eo, Pavilion dv8-1280ez, Pavilion dv8-1290ee, Pavilion dv8-1290ez, Pavilion dv8t Quad Edition Series

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