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Pavilion G4 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion g4-1126tx, Pavilion g4-1127tx, Pavilion g4-1128tx, Pavilion g4-1174la, Pavilion g4-1175la, Pavilion g4-1176la, Pavilion g4-1204nr, Pavilion g4-1205tu, Pavilion g4-1206tu, Pavilion g4-1207nr, Pavilion g4-1213nr, Pavilion g4-1215dx, Pavilion g4-1216tu, Pavilion g4-1217tu, Pavilion g4-1219tx, Pavilion g4-1220tx, Pavilion g4-1221tx, Pavilion g4-1226nr, Pavilion g4-1226tx, Pavilion g4-1229dx, Pavilion g4-1231tx, Pavilion g4-1232tx, Pavilion g4-1250la, Pavilion g4-1260la, Pavilion g4-1264ca, Pavilion g4-1271la, Pavilion g4-1281la, Pavilion g4-1284la, Pavilion g4-1285la, Pavilion g4-1286la, Pavilion g4-1287la, Pavilion g4-1306tx, Pavilion g4-1357la, Pavilion g4-1364la, Pavilion g4-1365la, Pavilion g4-1386la, Pavilion g4-1387la, Pavilion g4-2002tx, Pavilion g4-2003tx, Pavilion g4-2009tx, Pavilion g4-2010tx, Pavilion g4-2013tu, Pavilion g4-2014tu, Pavilion g4-2015tu, Pavilion g4-2016tu, Pavilion g4-2028tx, Pavilion g4-2029tx, Pavilion g4-2029wm, Pavilion g4-2036tu, Pavilion g4-2039tx, Pavilion g4-2040tx, Pavilion g4-2063la, Pavilion g4-2072la, Pavilion g4-2101tx, Pavilion g4-2102tx, Pavilion g4-2103tu, Pavilion g4-2104tu, Pavilion g4-2105tu, Pavilion g4-2106tu, Pavilion g4-2107tu, Pavilion g4-2108tu, Pavilion g4-2109tx, Pavilion g4-2116tu, Pavilion g4-2117tu, Pavilion g4-2119tx, Pavilion g4-2149se, Pavilion g4-2165la, Pavilion g4-2169se, Pavilion g4-2189ca, Pavilion g4-2200la, Pavilion g4-2201tx, Pavilion g4-2202tx, Pavilion g4-2203la, Pavilion g4-2204la, Pavilion g4-2208tx, Pavilion g4-2210la, Pavilion g4-2211tx, Pavilion g4-2212tx, Pavilion g4-2214tu, Pavilion g4-2235dx, Pavilion g4-2275dx, Pavilion g4-2300la, Pavilion g4-2301ax, Pavilion g4-2301tx, Pavilion g4-2302au, Pavilion g4-2302ax, Pavilion g4-2302tu, Pavilion g4-2302tx, Pavilion g4-2303ax, Pavilion g4-2303tu, Pavilion g4-2303tx, Pavilion g4-2304la, Pavilion g4-2304tu, Pavilion g4-2304tx, Pavilion g4-2305tx, Pavilion g4-2306la, Pavilion g4-2306tx, Pavilion g4-2307tu, Pavilion g4-2307tx, Pavilion g4-2308la, Pavilion g4-2308tx, Pavilion g4-2309tx, Pavilion g4-2310tx, Pavilion g4-2311tx, Pavilion g4-2312tx, Pavilion g4-2313tx, Pavilion g4-2314tx, Pavilion g4-2315tx, Pavilion g4-2316tx, Pavilion g4-2317tx, Pavilion g4-2318tx, Pavilion g4-2319tx, Pavilion g4-2320dx, Pavilion g4-2320tx, Pavilion g4-2321tx, Pavilion g4-2368la, Pavilion g4-2380la, Pavilion g4-2xxx (AMD DDR3), Pavilion g4-2xxx (Intel DDR3)

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion g4 (AMD DDR3), Pavilion g4-1010us, Pavilion g4-1011nr, Pavilion g4-1014tx, Pavilion g4-1015dx, Pavilion g4-1016dx, Pavilion g4-1020us, Pavilion g4-1021ca, Pavilion g4-1022ca, Pavilion g4-1xxxx (Intel DDR3)

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion g4 (Intel DDR3), Pavilion g4-1008tx, Pavilion g4-1019tu, Pavilion g4-1019tx, Pavilion g4-1020tu, Pavilion g4-1020tx, Pavilion g4-1021tu, Pavilion g4-1022tu, Pavilion g4-1023tu, Pavilion g4-1026tx, Pavilion g4-1027tx, Pavilion g4-1028tx, Pavilion g4-1029tx, Pavilion g4-1051, Pavilion g4-1063la, Pavilion g4-1064la, Pavilion g4-1065LA, Pavilion g4-1069la, Pavilion g4-1071la, Pavilion g4-1072la, Pavilion g4-1085la, Pavilion g4-1087la, Pavilion g4-1104dx, Pavilion g4-1105tx, Pavilion g4-1106tx, Pavilion g4-1107nr, Pavilion g4-1117dx, Pavilion g4-1117nr, Pavilion g4-1118nr, Pavilion g4-1119tx, Pavilion g4-1121tu, Pavilion g4-1122tu, Pavilion g4-1125dx, Pavilion g4-1125tx, Pavilion g4-1135dx, Pavilion g4-1137ca, Pavilion g4-1160la, Pavilion g4-1164ca, Pavilion g4-1167ca, Pavilion g4-1171la, Pavilion g4-1172la, Pavilion g4-1179la, Pavilion g4-1190la, Pavilion g4-1191la, Pavilion g4-1209tx, Pavilion g4-1210tx, Pavilion g4-1275la, Pavilion g4-1280la, Pavilion g4-1283la, Pavilion g4-1303tu, Pavilion g4-1304tu, Pavilion g4-1305tu, Pavilion g4-1306tu, Pavilion g4-1307tx, Pavilion g4-1308tx, Pavilion g4-1309tx, Pavilion g4-1311nr, Pavilion g4-1315dx, Pavilion g4-1318dx, Pavilion g4-1321tx, Pavilion g4-1322tx, Pavilion g4-1350la, Pavilion g4-1352la, Pavilion g4-1353la, Pavilion g4-1354la, Pavilion g4-1355la, Pavilion g4-1357tx, Pavilion g4-1360la, Pavilion g4-1361la, Pavilion g4-1362la, Pavilion g4-1363la, Pavilion g4-1370la, Pavilion g4-1371la, Pavilion g4-1372la, Pavilion g4-1375la, Pavilion g4-1384la, Pavilion g4-1385la, Pavilion g4-1388la, Pavilion g4-1400la, Pavilion g4-1420la, Pavilion g4-1xxxx (Intel DDR3), Pavilion g4-2050la, Pavilion g4-2055la, Pavilion g4-2060la, Pavilion g4-2064la, Pavilion g4-2080la, Pavilion g4-2082la, Pavilion g4-2184la, Pavilion g4-2185la, Pavilion g4-2205la, Pavilion g4-2260la, Pavilion g4-2262la, Pavilion g4-2264la, Pavilion g4-2266la, Pavilion g4-2268la, Pavilion g4-2282la, Pavilion g4-2283la