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Pavilion m6 series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion m6 (AMD DDR3 Series), Pavilion m6 (Intel DDR3 Series), Pavilion m6-1000ei, Pavilion m6-1000eo, Pavilion m6-1000ev, Pavilion m6-1000sb, Pavilion m6-1000so, Pavilion m6-1000sr, Pavilion m6-1000ss, Pavilion m6-1000sv, Pavilion m6-1001ea, Pavilion m6-1001sa, Pavilion m6-1002ea, Pavilion m6-1002sa, Pavilion m6-1002tx, Pavilion m6-1004sa, Pavilion m6-1004tx, Pavilion m6-1005tx, Pavilion m6-1006tx, Pavilion m6-1007tx, Pavilion m6-1008tx, Pavilion m6-1009tx, Pavilion m6-1010ec, Pavilion m6-1010ev, Pavilion m6-1010ex, Pavilion m6-1010sp, Pavilion m6-1010sv, Pavilion m6-1010sw, Pavilion m6-1010tx, Pavilion m6-1012tx, Pavilion m6-1013tx, Pavilion m6-1014tx, Pavilion m6-1015eb, Pavilion m6-1015ew, Pavilion m6-1015sb, Pavilion m6-1015tx, Pavilion m6-1016tx, Pavilion m6-1017ez, Pavilion m6-1017sz, Pavilion m6-1017tx, Pavilion m6-1018tx, Pavilion m6-1019tx, Pavilion m6-1020ei, Pavilion m6-1020ex, Pavilion m6-1020sw, Pavilion m6-1020sx, Pavilion m6-1021tx, Pavilion m6-1022tx, Pavilion m6-1023so, Pavilion m6-1025sb, Pavilion m6-1030ec, Pavilion m6-1030em, Pavilion m6-1030er, Pavilion m6-1030sm, Pavilion m6-1030sq, Pavilion m6-1030sw, Pavilion m6-1031er, Pavilion m6-1034er, Pavilion m6-1035dx, Pavilion m6-1035eo, Pavilion m6-1040ec, Pavilion m6-1040eo, Pavilion m6-1041eo, Pavilion m6-1041er, Pavilion m6-1042eo, Pavilion m6-1042er, Pavilion m6-1042so, Pavilion m6-1045dx, Pavilion m6-1048ca, Pavilion m6-1050ek, Pavilion m6-1050er, Pavilion m6-1050et, Pavilion m6-1050sa, Pavilion m6-1050sp, Pavilion m6-1050st, Pavilion m6-1051er, Pavilion m6-1051sd, Pavilion m6-1052eo, Pavilion m6-1052er, Pavilion m6-1052sr, Pavilion m6-1054eo, Pavilion m6-1054sa, Pavilion m6-1055sa, Pavilion m6-1060ee, Pavilion m6-1060em, Pavilion m6-1060er, Pavilion m6-1060et, Pavilion m6-1060se, Pavilion m6-1060sf, Pavilion m6-1060sl, Pavilion m6-1060sm, Pavilion m6-1060so, Pavilion m6-1060sq, Pavilion m6-1060sr, Pavilion m6-1061er, Pavilion m6-1061sr, Pavilion m6-1062er, Pavilion m6-1062sf, Pavilion m6-1062sr, Pavilion m6-1063sf, Pavilion m6-1064ca, Pavilion m6-1066ez, Pavilion m6-1066sz, Pavilion m6-1068ca, Pavilion m6-1070ee, Pavilion m6-1070ef, Pavilion m6-1070se, Pavilion m6-1070sf, Pavilion m6-1070sl, Pavilion m6-1071se, Pavilion m6-1072sf, Pavilion m6-1073ea, Pavilion m6-1075ea, Pavilion m6-1090ee, Pavilion m6-1090se, Pavilion m6-1091ee, Pavilion m6-1091se, Pavilionm 6-1058ca

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Pavilion m6-1001ax, Pavilion m6-1032er, Pavilion m6-1033sr, Pavilion m6-1035so, Pavilion m6-1040er, Pavilion m6-1050sg, Pavilion m6-1076la, Pavilion m6-1084ca

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