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Presario CQ58 series

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Presario CQ58-100SA, Presario CQ58-103SA, Presario CQ58-125EA, Presario CQ58-125SA, Presario CQ58-151SA, Presario CQ58-153SA, Presario CQ58-155SA, Presario CQ58-200EI, Presario CQ58-200EK, Presario CQ58-200EV, Presario CQ58-200SG, Presario CQ58-200SI, Presario CQ58-200SO, Presario CQ58-200SQ, Presario CQ58-200SR, Presario CQ58-200SU, Presario CQ58-200SX, Presario CQ58-201EIA, Presario CQ58-201EK, Presario CQ58-201SA, Presario CQ58-201SG, Presario CQ58-201SK, Presario CQ58-201SM, Presario CQ58-201SU, Presario CQ58-202EK, Presario CQ58-202EP, Presario CQ58-202SD, Presario CQ58-202SK, Presario CQ58-202SR, Presario CQ58-202SS, Presario CQ58-202SX, Presario CQ58-203EK, Presario CQ58-203EP, Presario CQ58-203SD, Presario CQ58-203SG, Presario CQ58-203SK, Presario CQ58-203SM, Presario CQ58-203SP, Presario CQ58-203SQ, Presario CQ58-203SU, Presario CQ58-203TU, Presario CQ58-204EK, Presario CQ58-205EZ, Presario CQ58-206SD, Presario CQ58-210SL, Presario CQ58-210SW, Presario CQ58-211SL, Presario CQ58-212SL, Presario CQ58-214SL, Presario CQ58-215SW, Presario CQ58-216SL, Presario CQ58-217SL, Presario CQ58-218SL, Presario CQ58-219SL, Presario CQ58-220SL, Presario CQ58-221SL, Presario CQ58-222SL, Presario CQ58-225ER, Presario CQ58-225SR, Presario CQ58-230SF, Presario CQ58-232SF, Presario CQ58-235SF, Presario CQ58-237SF, Presario CQ58-241EA, Presario CQ58-241SA, Presario CQ58-241SO, Presario CQ58-245SW, Presario CQ58-250EK, Presario CQ58-250ET, Presario CQ58-250SA, Presario CQ58-250SC, Presario CQ58-250SG, Presario CQ58-250ST, Presario CQ58-251EP, Presario CQ58-251SH, Presario CQ58-251SL, Presario CQ58-251SM, Presario CQ58-251SP, Presario CQ58-251SR, Presario CQ58-252SA, Presario CQ58-252SH, Presario CQ58-252SM, Presario CQ58-252SQ, Presario CQ58-252SS, Presario CQ58-253ES, Presario CQ58-253SA, Presario CQ58-253SR, Presario CQ58-253SS, Presario CQ58-254SR, Presario CQ58-255SA, Presario CQ58-255SC, Presario CQ58-255ST, Presario CQ58-256SA, Presario CQ58-260EA, Presario CQ58-260SA, Presario CQ58-261EA, Presario CQ58-265EV, Presario CQ58-265SO, Presario CQ58-265SX, Presario CQ58-270SO, Presario CQ58-271SD, Presario CQ58-273SG, Presario CQ58-275SO, Presario CQ58-276ER, Presario CQ58-276SD, Presario CQ58-276SR, Presario CQ58-279SR, Presario CQ58-281ER, Presario CQ58-281SR, Presario CQ58-282SG, Presario CQ58-290EI, Presario CQ58-290SI, Presario CQ58-292SG, Presario CQ58-295EG, Presario CQ58-311SL, Presario CQ58-a10NR, Presario CQ58-bf9WM, Presario CQ58-c10NR, Presario CQ58-XXXX (Intel Series)

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