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Portege R series

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Portege R30-A (PT343U-1P0040), Portege R30-A X0433, Portege R30-A Y0433, Portege R30-A-00W, Portege R30-A-00X, Portege R30-A-00Y, Portege R30-A-010, Portege R30-A-01M, Portege R30-A-01N, Portege R30-A-0CX, Portege R30-A-0YQ, Portege R30-A-10H, Portege R30-A-10R, Portege R30-A-112, Portege R30-A-114, Portege R30-A-11J, Portege R30-A-11K, Portege R30-A-121, Portege R30-A-130, Portege R30-A-131, Portege R30-A-134, Portege R30-A-137, Portege R30-A-138, Portege R30-A-139, Portege R30-A-13C, Portege R30-A-13E, Portege R30-A-13W, Portege R30-A-140, Portege R30-A-145, Portege R30-A-149, Portege R30-A-14K, Portege R30-A-14X, Portege R30-A-155, Portege R30-A-156, Portege R30-A-157, Portege R30-A-15C, Portege R30-A-15D, Portege R30-A-15M, Portege R30-A-15N, Portege R30-A-16G, Portege R30-A-17C, Portege R30-A-17D, Portege R30-A-17E, Portege R30-A-17G, Portege R30-A-17H, Portege R30-A-17R, Portege R30-A-191, Portege R30-A-197, Portege R30-A-19D, Portege R30-A-19E, Portege R30-A-19G, Portege R30-A-19J, Portege R30-A-19K, Portege R30-A-19L, Portege R30-A-19M, Portege R30-A-19P, Portege R30-A-19Q, Portege R30-A-1CM, Portege R30-A-1CN, Portege R30-A-1CP, Portege R30-A-1CQ, Portege R30-A-1D1, Portege R30-A1040, Portege R30-A1264, Portege R30-A1301, Portege R30-A1302, Portege R30-A1310, Portege R30-A1320, Portege R30-A264, Portege R30-A3101L, Portege R30-A3102L, Portege R30-ASMBN22, Portege R30-BT1300

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