Portege R900

16GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Portege R930 (PT330A-0C0038), Portege R930 (PT330U-0M70CG), Portege R930 (PT331S-05U03F), Portege R930 (PT331U-01C011), Portege R930 (PT331U-047013N1), Portege R930-006, Portege R930-06X, Portege R930-08S, Portege R930-08T, Portege R930-0C3, Portege R930-0C5, Portege R930-0C6, Portege R930-0C8, Portege R930-0HL, Portege R930-10G, Portege R930-10J, Portege R930-10Z, Portege R930-115, Portege R930-116, Portege R930-117, Portege R930-11H, Portege R930-11K, Portege R930-12J, Portege R930-12Q, Portege R930-133, Portege R930-144, Portege R930-147, Portege R930-148, Portege R930-14C, Portege R930-14T, Portege R930-14X, Portege R930-14Z, Portege R930-151, Portege R930-152, Portege R930-153, Portege R930-15L, Portege R930-17Q, Portege R930-17R, Portege R930-17V, Portege R930-17W, Portege R930-181, Portege R930-18L, Portege R930-18U, Portege R930-18W, Portege R930-1CW, Portege R930-1CX, Portege R930-1CZ, Portege R930-1D0, Portege R930-1D7, Portege R930-1DK, Portege R930-1EP, Portege R930-1K5, Portege R930-1K7, Portege R930-1K8, Portege R930-1NV, Portege R930-1PP, Portege R930-2001, Portege R930-2001B, Portege R930-2001R, Portege R930-2013, Portege R930-2013B, Portege R930-2013R, Portege R930-2020, Portege R930-2020B, Portege R930-2020R, Portege R930-2022, Portege R930-2022B, Portege R930-2022R, Portege R930-2023, Portege R930-2027, Portege R930-2027B, Portege R930-2027R, Portege R930-2028, Portege R930-2028B, Portege R930-2028R, Portege R930-2039, Portege R930-2039B, Portege R930-2039R, Portege R930-B786, Portege R930-BT9300, Portege R930-C012, Portege R930-C047, Portege R930-C048, Portege R930-C049, Portege R930-C050, Portege R930-C085, Portege R930-C086, Portege R930-Landis, Portege R930-S9320, Portege R930-S9321, Portege R930-S9330, Portege R930-S9331, Portege R930-SP3243KL, Portege R930-SP3243L, Portege R930-SP3256KL, Portege R930-SP3258KL, Portege R930-SP32SAT2, Portege R930-SP3346L, Portege R930-SP3379KM, Portege R930-SP3380KM, Portege R930-SP3385KM, Portege R930-W9320, Portege R930-X0110, Portege R930-X3310, Portege R930-Y0430, Portege R935-P326, Portege R935-P330, Portege R935-P332, Portege R935-ST2N01, Portege R935-ST2N02, Portege R935-ST3N02, Portege R935-ST4N01, Portege R935-ST4N02

8GB single plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Portege R930-1C8

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