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Satellite A505 series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Satellite A505 (PSAT3U-07J00Q), Satellite A505 (PSAT3U-0DR007), Satellite A505 (PSAT3U-0KW007), Satellite A505 (PSAT6U-01L007), Satellite A505 (PSATN9U-00F004), Satellite A505-S6004, Satellite A505-S6005, Satellite A505-S6007, Satellite A505-S6009, Satellite A505-S6012, Satellite A505-S6014, Satellite A505-S6015, Satellite A505-S6016, Satellite A505-S6017, Satellite A505-S6020, Satellite A505-S6025, Satellite A505-S6030, Satellite A505-S6031, Satellite A505-S6033, Satellite A505-S6034, Satellite A505-S6035, Satellite A505-S6040, Satellite A505-S69803, Satellite A505-S6981, Satellite A505-S6982, Satellite A505-S6985, Satellite A505-S6986, Satellite A505-S6989, Satellite A505-S6990, Satellite A505-S6991, Satellite A505-S6992, Satellite A505-S6993, Satellite A505-S6995, Satellite A505-S6996, Satellite A505-S6997, Satellite A505-S6998, Satellite A505-S6999, Satellite A505-SP6021, Satellite A505-SP6022, Satellite A505-SP6023, Satellite A505-SP7913, Satellite A505-SP7914, Satellite A505-SP7930