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Satellite A665 series

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Satellite A665 (PSAW03-0TR034), Satellite A665 (PSAW9U-0ED020), Satellite A665-06F, Satellite A665-0SF, Satellite A665-10013D, Satellite A665-11T, Satellite A665-11Z, Satellite A665-120, Satellite A665-127, Satellite A665-12E, Satellite A665-12K, Satellite A665-12M, Satellite A665-12N, Satellite A665-12P, Satellite A665-12W, Satellite A665-12X, Satellite A665-13V, Satellite A665-13W, Satellite A665-143, Satellite A665-145, Satellite A665-147, Satellite A665-148, Satellite A665-149, Satellite A665-14C, Satellite A665-14D, Satellite A665-14F, Satellite A665-14G, Satellite A665-14H, Satellite A665-14J, Satellite A665-14N, Satellite A665-14Q, Satellite A665-14R, Satellite A665-15M, Satellite A665-15P, Satellite A665-15U, Satellite A665-16K, Satellite A665-3DV, Satellite A665-3DV1, Satellite A665-3DV10X, Satellite A665-3DV11X, Satellite A665-3DV12, Satellite A665-3DV12X, Satellite A665-3DV5, Satellite A665-3DV6, Satellite A665-3DV7, Satellite A665-3DV8, Satellite A665-S5170, Satellite A665-S5171, Satellite A665-S5173, Satellite A665-S5176X, Satellite A665-S5177X, Satellite A665-S5179, Satellite A665-S5180, Satellite A665-S5181, Satellite A665-S5182, Satellite A665-S5182X, Satellite A665-S5183X, Satellite A665-S5184X, Satellite A665-S5186, Satellite A665-S5187X, Satellite A665-S6050, Satellite A665-S6054, Satellite A665-S6055, Satellite A665-S6056, Satellite A665-S6057, Satellite A665-S6058, Satellite A665-S6065, Satellite A665-S6067, Satellite A665-S6070, Satellite A665-S6079, Satellite A665-S6080, Satellite A665-S6081, Satellite A665-S6085, Satellite A665-S6086, Satellite A665-S6087, Satellite A665-S6088, Satellite A665-S6089, Satellite A665-S6090, Satellite A665-S6092, Satellite A665-S6093, Satellite A665-S6094, Satellite A665-S6095, Satellite A665-S6097, Satellite A665-S6098, Satellite A665-S6100X, Satellite A665-SP5131, Satellite A665-SP5161, Satellite A665-SP6001L, Satellite A665-SP6001M, Satellite A665-SP6002M, Satellite A665-SP6003L, Satellite A665-SP6003M, Satellite A665-SP6004L, Satellite A665-SP6004M, Satellite A665-SP6010, Satellite A665-SP6011, Satellite A665-SP6012, Satellite A665-SP6013, Satellite A665D-S5172, Satellite A665D-S5174, Satellite A665D-S5175, Satellite A665D-S5178, Satellite A665D-S6051, Satellite A665D-S6059, Satellite A665D-S6075, Satellite A665D-S6076, Satellite A665D-S6082, Satellite A665D-S6083, Satellite A665D-S6084, Satellite A665D-S6091, Satellite A665D-S6096

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

Satellite A665-160, Satellite A665-161, Satellite A665-162, Satellite A665-166, Satellite A665-168, Satellite A665-169, Satellite A665-S5183, Satellite A665-S5184, Satellite A665-S5185, Satellite A665-S5187, Satellite A665-S5189, Satellite A665-S5199X

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