R series laptops

8GB kit memory upgrades compatible to following models:

NP-R480, NP-R525, NP-R525-JT02CA, NP-R540-JA02CA, NP-R580-JSB1US, R430, R430-Black, R431-JS01, R440-11, R440-JA06, R440-JA07, R440-JS01, R440-JT01, R440-JT02, R440-JT03, R440-JT0A, R440-JT0D, R440-JU01, R440-JU05, R480-11, R480-i3-330, R480-i5-430, R480-JT01, R480-JT03, R480, R440, R530, R530-11, R530-Red, R540, R540-11, R540-JA02AU, R540-JA04, R540-JA06, R540-JS01AU, R540-JS03AU, R540-JS08AU, R540-JS09, R540-JS0A, R540-JS0B, R580, R580-11, R580-i5-430, R580-JBB2, R580-JS01, R580-JS02AU, R580-JS03, R580-JS05AU, R580-JS06AU, R580-JS07AU, R580-JT01AU, R580-JT02AU, R580-JT04UK, R580, R590, R590-JS02AU, R780, R780-JT04UK, R780-Red, R780E, RC510, RC710, RC710-S01UK, RC710-S02UK, RF410-S02, RF510-S01, RF510-S02, RF510-S03AU, RF510-S04, RF510, RF410, RF710, RF710-S01, RF710-S02, RF710-S02US, RF710-S03UK, RF710-S04AU, RF710-S04UK, RV411, RV411-A02, RV411-S01, RV411-S02, RV411, RV511, E3511, S3511, RV711, E3411, RV415, RV415-S01HK, RV415, RV515, RV511, RV511-A01, RV515-A01, RV515-A02, RV515-S01HK, RV520-W01, RV711

8GB kit plus Ballistix memory upgrades compatible to following models:

NP-RF711-S01US, NP-RF711-S03CA, NP-RF711-S03UK, NP-RV515-A03US, NP-RV515-A04US, NP-RV515I, R425D, R525D, RC420-S02HK, RC420, RC520, RC720, RC512, RC512-S01, RC512-S02, RC520-S01HK, RC520-S02HK, RC520-S02UK, RF411-S03, RF511, RF511-S02, RF511-S03, RF511-S04, RF511-S04AU, RF511, RF411, RF711, RF711, RF711-S01, RF711-S02, RF711-S03UK, RF712-S01UK, RV420-A01HK, RV420, RV520, RV720, E3530, S3530, E3420, E3520, RV520, RV720

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