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MacBookAir6,1 (11-inch, Mid 2013, Early 2014)

Compatible upgrade for:
MacBookAir6,1 - A1465 - EMC 2631      Mid 2013 11-inch
  MacBookAir6,1 - A1465 - EMC 2631    Early 2014 11-inch
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Standard Storage    128, 256 GB SSD  
Storage Interface   Proprietary* (PCIe 2.0 x2)  

*The MD711LL/A configuration has 128 GB of flash storage and the MD712LL/A configuration has 256 GB of flash storage. Neither configuration has a hard drive. The higher-end MD712LL/A configuration also could be equipped with 512 GB of storage at the time of purchase for an additional US$300.




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