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Quad Core 2.66, 2.93, 3.33

Compatible upgrade for:
"Quad Core" 2.66, "Quad Core" 2.93, "Quad Core" 3.33  
Standard RAM:   3 GB      
Maximum RAM:  48 GB*  
RAM Slots: 4  
Details:    By default, 3 GB of RAM was installed as three 1 GB modules. One slot free.  

*As originally shipped, Apple officially supported a maximum of 8 GB of RAM but third-parties discovered that the system could actually support 16 GB of RAM using four 4 GB memory modules. On December 4, 2009, Apple "officially" began supporting 16 GB of RAM as well. Shortly thereafter, third-parties determined that the system could, in fact, support 32 GB of RAM using four 8 GB modules. Finally, third-parties have been able to support 48 GB of RAM with three 16 GB modules.


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