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Crucial reliance server programm

Crucial Reliance Programme–make Crucial the choice for quality server and workstation memory

Crucial Reliance is more than a name. It's peace of mind. Through the Crucial Reliance Programme, you can rest assured that every server and workstation memory module is of highest quality–and you're backed by our world-class service. Every single component that goes into our modules, as well as the modules themselves, are tested 100% to stringent standards for quality and reliability. And we've got the support options your organisation needs to keep things running smoothly. That's what reliance is all about.


Crucial Server and Workstation Memory Products

The Crucial name is synonymous with quality and uptime. Our comprehensive Crucial Server Memory product line delivers compatible, certified modules to meet the majority of today's server needs, for organisations large and small.

We provide memory products in a broad range of speeds, densities, form factors and technologies. From DDR RDIMMs to DDR2 FBDIMMS to the latest DDR3 server modules, we have the memory to fit your application.



Crucial DDR3 LRDIMM Server Memory

LRDIMM (Load-Reduced DIMM) is the latest addition to Crucial’s robust server memory portfolio. Becoming available at the start of 2012, LRDIMMs apply a uniquely designed memory buffer that reduces the electrical load presented to the CPU, down to a single electrical load. This enables the memory to run at a higher frequency, enabling up to a 35% increase in memory bandwidth. And with higher densities and reduced ranking limitations, LRDIMMs can enable up to double the installed memory capacity per server.

Crucial DDR3 LRDIMM product flyer

The power demands of data centers require memory innovations


Crucial Memory Integrity Labs

The servers in your datacentre and the workstations on your desks need memory that's not only guaranteed compatible—but it's certified to work. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, we have the technology, expertise, and resources to deliver the qualified memory that you need.

Crucial Memory Integrity Labs (CMIL), under Micron's System Compatibility Group, performs a wide range of compatibility and integrity testing on a broad number of motherboards and platforms. This testing meets or exceeds any third-party compatibility testing.

Learn more about compatibility testing by reading the white paper: "Understanding the Value of Signal Integrity".


Crucial Reliance Programme Features

Crucial Reliance: you can count on us.