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Ram memory selector



1. click image link above
2. select your PC or laptop system
3. get your part number, come back to our website, copy or type it into search window located on the top menu, click search and compatible upgrade will show up.

Step by step guide, how to use Crucial ram memory part finder.

Click image above or the one named RAM MEMORY SELECTOR on home page ( do not click images below, as they are just for ilustration purpose only )

Choose manufacturer

When manufacturer selected, click Find It


Choose your system ( for example Imac, Macbook pro )


Click Find it

Choose your model and series


Click Find It


Model specification window will show you your model configuration and available upgrade including part number


Choose part number you want to buy, highlight it and click right button on your mouse and click COPY ( you can also write part number down, if you prefer)


Come back to and paste part number into search window and click Go ( or type it manually)


Search result will show you compatible part, click Add to cart button to buy product