ESD Anti Static Wrist Strap Band with Grounding Wire

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ESD Anti Static Wrist Strap Band with Grounding Wire

Prevents dangerous electrostatic buildup while working on electronics

  • Protect sensitive equipment from static damage
  • Top technical specifications-exceeds IBM & US military static control standards
  • Highest quality static material to ensure static dissipation
  • Elastic wristband
  • Includes 6 ft. (1.8m) grounding cord
  • Perfect for service applications

This durable ESD anti-static wrist strap helps you protect your valuable computer equipment from dangerous static electricity. The wrist strap/grounding bracelet offers hassle-free electrostatic grounding, allowing you to work freely on your computer without having to worry about static build-up, which could potentially damage computer components.

Designed and constructed to exceed IBM and US military static control standards, the grounding bracelet/ESD wrist strap is made from the highest quality static dissipative material to ensure the safe operation of your equipment.

This product is backed by's Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty Lifetime
Packaging Information Package Height - 18 mm [0,7 in]
Package Length - 22,5 cm [8,9 in]
Shipping (Package) Weight - 45 g [1,6 oz]
Package Width - 12,5 cm [4,9 in]
Package Quantity - 1
Physical Characteristics Weight of Product - 40 g [1,4 oz]
Color - Blue
Product Length - 1,8 m [5,9 ft]
Product Width - 15 mm [0,6 in]
Product Height - 1,5 cm [0,6 in]
Included in Package 1 - Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Product datasheet Download PDF here
Lifetime warranty


Prevents dangerous electrostatic build-up while working on electronics